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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Winter crochet - blankets

My favorite of the two is the soft muted tones of the first one - it's just a simple continual granny square that seems to capture everything that matches babies with handmade.I made this in 'Caressa' a wool, mohair, acrylic blend - hard on my hands as I'm allergic to mohair but the itch was worth the final result.
Lay a babe on this blanket and it seems to whisper 'Sleep baby sleep, I'm here'

This blanket is a glossy cotton blend (I can't remember the exact yarn I used) it has gorgeous stitch definition of the shells but I wouldn't recommend using an 8ply yarn with high cotton cotent in a blanket as it did made the finished item quite a heavy piece. Nonetheless it turned out a beautiful FO.

better pic to come...

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