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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finding silence...ordinary beauty...

Shards of frozen water across the top of my glass,
 The light of the window 
so delicate and pretty 
yet ordinary.

It was a rare moment of silence and oneness that held me still and let me look instead of letting the thin layer dissolve unseen for the beauty that it was.....for that moment I am grateful.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Test knit coming out soon!......Version A, size 3mths!

It's always such fun to test knit for designers and this top is just too adorable. From the same designer who designed the tunic I tested a few posts back :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy Mommy!

Not too much exciting things to report this month - we're only 8 weeks away from our EDD so it's getting so much more exciting as we wait to meet our new baby!

I made a hat for my daughter - I modified the pattern to include the extra top bit with eyelet rows for bows - the hearts go all the way around the hat........they go so sweet with the bows :)
It turned out gorgeous if I do say so myself and Madeline is happy, yay!!!!!

This lil cute dress/tunic is a test knit - let me recommend this pattern when it's released as it is easy to work, seamless and totally cute!!!!
'strimma' test knit    

This pile of sunshine is another 'will work for yarn' knit - a totally cute shrug/bolero! Pattern is from Elena Nodel and can be found here 'Summer Days' .....Been an interesting knit for me - it's seamless and worked top down with “contiguous set-in sleeves”, that allows shoulder and set-in sleeves shaping without using short rows. Amazing!

Here is another 'purple carrot dyeing attempt - This time I used cotton didn't seem to hold the color as well as the wool blend which is a shame but nonetheless it did produce a pretty lilac :)

And lastly - another 'Scrap Fashionista is up for adoption - Meet 'Lolly'!!!!!!

And today is Mothers day here in Australia so to all the precious beautiful mothers 'Happy Mothers Day' <3