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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mariposa de primavera...

Spanish for 'spring butterfly ......A perfect name for a gorgeous knit and the burst of spring flowers. I made it newborn size from THIS pattern although I added quite a few of my own modifications:
Joined in round after buttons, eyelet round between two purl rounds, continued garter down front.
- Yarn held doubled throughout.
Now I just need to find a little miss to put it on.......

Monday, September 12, 2011

A gift of healing and a warm huggybuggy...

Sometimes my needles are called to a special task - this was one of those times.........Actually no, this time it was a bit different because my hands were urged to cast on long before I knew the final destination of the item I was creating, almost 3/4 of the way thru the pattern the intended recipient popped into my head.....It was a  seamless match - a special friend in need of a reminder that the universe cares, that there is comfort to be found through the hard times. 

The yarn was a special ball I had sitting in my stash for quite a while waiting for the right project - it's also quite amazing that the colors represented so much of the intention:
Green which symbolizes healing, growth, harmony and balance and pink which symbolizes caring, tenderness, self-worth, acceptance and universal love.

911 - souls lost and a promise of a new dawn.....

Today I clutch my children tighter...... I want to hold them closer for all the mothers who have lost theirs amongst the devastation of the 9/11 attacks and the ten years that have followed. 
I've watched the list of souls taken grow longer and I can't help but connect to the pain and suffering that has defined the hearts of so many mothers...the American mother, the Iraqi mother, the afghan mother, the mothers of the soldiers, the mothers who lost because it was wrong and the mothers who lost because it was right. 
There can be no prejudice because every soul gone was a precious gift to a mother and whether they fought for good or they followed bad a mother mourns their loss and adds another date to the worlds memory..............
Today on the tenth anniversary I pray that each soul is at peace, that the pain felt from each loss is a little more distant and that our world truly does start to herald a new dawn.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

'May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day'


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Copper patina

LOVE: the yarn - Mosaic moon gaia organic merino, colorway 'Copper Patina'
LOVE: the pattern - Non stop top (My mods were to upsize the yarn and needle sizes)
LOVE: my boy - he's adorable in my knits and he loves wearing them too

Really pleased with this knit and with the ribbing it will definitely last a couple of seasons.
Couldn't help overloading on the pics, Israel was being very cute today and he loves photo time...hehe

Now it's off to circle the WIP tree and hang a few more projects on it's branches...........