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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Been quite busy on the home front lately - now 20 weeks into our 6th pregnancy, been cooking all the kids school snacks myself instead of buying the chemical/flavour/preservative laden ones from the supermarket, installed our kitchen cafe curtains (finally) and have been doing my best to keep cool despite the awful hot days....although today is quite overcast and cool!

The first one is for a special lady who spends a lot of time knitting prayer shawls to give away.
The story: I joined in our catholic groups circle to knit along with others shawls for Lent and I happened to find a pattern called angel wings....quite appropriate I thought...and so I seached through my stash for something pretty but also something cool to work with, cotton came to mind first and in my stash I happened to have two mysterious balls of unknown cotton in a soft pinky red and a cream...Perfect!
It was completed in one afternoon and it spoke to me as I crocheted along of old English cottages and roses... gardens full of old time scents and delights amongst the stones and rambling paths….and then it all reminded me of Rosalie - how sweet and kind she is and so I prayed for her blessings and it will be a gift for her (a random act of kindness)....a shawl she can keep <3

 “The desert is not a place but an experience that takes hold of you, becomes part of you, turns you inside out.” Fr. Walter Burghardt

The next shawl - well it's more like a wrap is a granted wish......The colors of the yarn reminded me of sunsets and I do hope she will like it :)

And my big project was a 'Will Work For Yarn' undertaking. (a group where you can swap yarn for knit/crochet work and vice versa)
 A gorgeous single bed sized crocheted ripple blanket in the most softest colors of a delightfully soft wool.
I beat a personal best as it took me a time space of only 9 days from start to finish. Very proud!

And if you'd like a sneak peak at baby number 6 here are he/she's legs - they stayed crossed the whole time and so the sex is still a surprise.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little bit steampunk!

I recently joined the 'Will knit for yarn' group on ravelry - people swap yarn for your knitting ability! It was my second or third project done as a hired knitter. A great way to find something to do if you have nothing scheduled to knit or crochet!

Clockwork by Stephen West
 I love how easy this pattern is and I have to let you know that there are hardly any ends to weave in (I know how this totally takes away from the joy of a project so don't worry with this pattern).
It's gorgeously 'unisex' and done in a scrummy yarn....this one is done with wollmeise.....A strong pattern with a simplistic steampunk type look.
Can you imagine it done in and yellow or black and white!!!!

Twas a dull day for pics but I had to get it in the post an hour after I finished.......