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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On making wrapping paper, snowflakes and knits

 My stash of wrapping paper was dwindling so how much fun could we have making some?? LOTS!
We set up in our backyard with paper and paints and we splattered, drew hearts and teddy bears and swirled colors together and even painted ourselves, the grass and anything else that was around.....As Angelus said 'that's a little bit funny mommy' LOL....with 5 kids it was a very messy experience especially when the littlest one decided to crawl right thru the paint filled plate Oops!!!

My first 'big girl' knit for my daughter Maddy, size was a joy to work with these colors and it just looks so cute on - she's thrilled with it and that matters the most!!!!

This is Quannik - Inuit for 'Snowflake' and a present for a soon to be born little miss
Half knitting and half crochet?
I think it turned out adorable and it was so easy to mods can be found on my ravelry page :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light at the end...

is shining upon my face.....and for this I am thankful today!
As a mother of 5 blessings I am thankful.
As a woman I am thankful.
As a soul I am thankful.

'Pond buddy' versa for Angelus

Hey Lola Maxi top for Ella

Two at a time monogrammed wash cloths

In progress......hopefully finished in a few days