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Monday, August 30, 2010

Butterfly rosary

A joy to make this rosary is made with cloisonne butterflies, gold metal round beads and a gilt centerpiece and crucifix and as it is threaded through your hands it has a distinctive bead clacking sound...just beautiful.
$28.00 + $4.50 postage worldwide (AUD)

Flower Bookmark - free pattern

Made this one up today (purple flower in middle) and thought I'd share :)

Gauge and yarn type etc aren't really important so use what you feel comfortable with....I used a 4 ply cotton and a 1.75mm hook.
Standard American terms
(not great pics but they should help)

Starting with first flower
CH 2 and them make 10 DC into second ch from hook join with SL ST to first DC
*Ch 5 skip 1 DC and SC into next DC* (one loop made), repeat around another 4 you have 5 petals, SL ST into the first 5ch space.

Work 5 SC into loop, work 5 SC into next loop and rep til you finish all petals then SL ST into space in between first and last petal.
CH desired amount (how long you want your finished bookmark to be) and then add 2 ch
Start of second flower
Work 10 DC into second ch from hook and then cont to make flower as per instructions for the first flower.

When flower is complete and you have sl st into the space between your last and first petal turn flower over so you are looking at the back of the flower - roll off a god amount of yarn off your ball (enough to SC down the length of your chain in between the flowers) and cut. Pull up the loop as if to finish and secure should have one long length of yarn attached to the last flower.

Using a needle darn in the length of thread (hiding it) across the back of the flower until you reach the start of the CH that connects the two flowers... I attached a different color thread so you could see it more easily

using your hook pull up a loop in the first ch

and then proceed to SC in each ch along your length til you reach first flower

SL ST to first ch and finish off by hiding thread end in this flower.

Enjoy :)
Any questions I'd be happy to help!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

a WIP shawl and some everyday beauty

Almost entering Spring here in Australia, the nights are still cool though which is great as I've just started a south bay shawlette in a gorgeous gradient yarn. The pattern is well written and the two row repeat is very easy to remember so you are soon on your way...I miscounted so had to frog back 5 rows the other night when I started so haven't got as much done as I wanted at this point.

Next are some gorgeous flower pics in my front garden - they brighten my day so I thought you might like them to brighten yours as well.
The pink 'stick' is an azalea, before it flowered it had only four leaves on that one stick, but that one 'stick' was not to be outdone in the garden and therefore shows us that beauty can be found in anything - even a stick!
My marigolds really need to be planted out in the garden bed but I just haven't had a lot of time. Orange is such a cheery color!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cos the top of the fridge was meant for two...

Just a few 'cute' pics I thought I'd share of my proud rescued kittys...Harley and Willow :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Going 'LIVE' recent craft projects!

Been busy working on some new ideas for mobiles/hanging decorations....Owls with flowers and stars and I will be working on some more dolphins today as well as a colorful fish mobile. I got the most gorgeous blue pearly shell beads today and they will be perfect for 'under the sea'.
I've also made up some bears - my all time fav animal - I really admire a grizzly bears strength and the mothering the females do.
My son has also requested 'trains' on a mobile so they may be in the works very soon.

Other news....I am busy doing a pink ribbon (Breast cancer awareness) scarf for Murisaki Mama's event raising money for the cause - I am doing it in white and pink cotton in filet far it looks really delicate!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Minicuteture store opening

And so a new chapter in my online life begins.....IssySnookles
My brand new store opening at Minicuteture on Friday the 20th with all stock going 'live' at 8pm.

  Mini is a fabulous mall where a collection of very talented and creative women have gathered to showcase their quality and funky, handcrafted products!
 My new name is taken from my new sons nickname 'Snookle' and his name 'Israel', it came to me one night and seemed a better name for which I could sell all my bits and pieces under.
I am concentrating on most of my hand made items here and of course most items can be custom ordered as usual...My rosaries will still sell directly from my blog.

Items will be listed throughout the week as I go...some ready to preview at my store:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bootiful Ballet.....

Made for a swap partners beautiful daughter Elizabeth :)
Can take custom orders in whatever color etc

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog giveaway

And the winner is MummaBear x  CONGRATS your item will be on the way soon!
A new giveaway will be announced soon.......

In honor of my 27th birthday tomorrow I have decided my next blog giveaway should be now :)
Leave a comment under this post to be in the running to win these prayer beads.
Suitable for anyone they are made with black glass beads, yellow and black glass focal beads and a lovely natural stone cross.
Winner will be randomly chosen on August 20th. Worldwide anyone can enter :)