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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crochet pattern - Back scrubber

My MIL asked for one of these so last night I whipped up a super simple one that I thought I'd share with you so you can make one too :)

This pattern is really a recipe as you can adjust it to suit yourself really - longer length, wider/skinnier, different handles.....The textured surface is perfect for scrubbing and feels really nice too.

 Back Scrubber

Yarn - worsted weight cotton (I used anchor magicline)
Guage isn't too important and you can use the size hook you are most comfortable with.

CH 3
SC in each of the chain across, ch 1 turn. (3 sts)
- Increase in first stitch (2 SC in same stitch), SC 1, Increase in last stitch, ch 1 turn. (5 sts)
- Repeat the above increasing on each side of each row until you are at your desired width across. (My scrubber had a total of 21 stitches across)

- SC in each st across, ch 1 turn.
- SC in each st across, ch 1 turn

ROW 1 - SC in first two stitches (this forms a side border) *treble crochet in next stitch, SC in next stitch* REP across to the last 2 sts, SC in last two sts, ch 1 turn.
ROW 2 - SC in each stitch across, ch 1 turn.

REP last two rows until 20 inches from first row, ending on a row 2 OR desired length minus 2 inches.....

- SC in each stitch across, ch 1 turn.
- Decrease 2 SC together (tutorial here), SC across until last two stitches, Decrease, ch 1 turn.
- Repeat the above decreasing on each side of each row until you are down to just 3 SC across.

Handle loop - (I held my yarn doubled for extra durability)....Chain 37 and then attach with a SC to the other end of the 3 sc row. end off.
Other end - pull up a loop with your yarn on one end of the 3 sc row, ch 37 and attach to the other side.
Weave in any ends.

Handle loops really can be anything from a simple chain as I did to a knitted I-cord, an attached ribbon etc and can be any length you like - use your imagination :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things amongst things...

Things to show you......................

A belated birthday pressie for a special someone - the cozy not the coffee lol

Bollywood inspired parasol skirt for Ella

My first ever batch of homemade sweet chilli sauce...lets actually call it HOT and sweet chilli sauce

My very first knitted sock...yay me

Yay a strawberry flower means yummy fruit soon

An elf coat made by Kelly at Zoobeedoobee isn't it the coolest handmade creation!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A guilty pleasure

A little country wools  posed a question on their blog in the form of a giveaway -
Do you have a guilty pleasure? Some project that’s a little embarrassing (either because it took no effort whatsoever or because the colour is kinda hideous or the pooling stinks — you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout), but YOU LOVE IT?
I didn't have to think about this long - I do have a guilty pleasure, plus who doesn't want a chance to win a scrummy skein of Malabrigo seriously... Yep they're boobs! Charming boobs to be precise *giggle*

As my lovely blog readers would already know I originally started making these for a 'pink ribbon' breast cancer fundraiser - they went like hotcakes which was fantastic for the cause BUT I've since made heaps more over the past year for absolutely no reason at all...I love making boobs - they are feminine, my fav color and I love the round shape AND the fact that no two come out alike (just like the real things).
In fact I have one of my guilty pleasures hanging off my knitting bag *giggles*

And just in case you want to indulge yourself  HERE is the pattern

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beanie weather and veges

First is of course some knitting...knit in cascade 220 Peruvian wool - a beanie for my Dad. He lives down south and needed some new ones. I just adore the decreasing style of this beanie pattern, produces a nice flat top with a cool effect. I'll be knitting him another one in black but this time I'm going to add a few more inches so he has the option of a rolled brim as well.

K3, P2 ribbing
The top view
Next we have something my husband is quite proud of - his vegetable garden in pots.
He is really enjoying being outside, planting and digging which is fantastic because it has been along time since I've seen him so enthusiastic about something :)

And he has lettuce, brussel sprouts, zucchini, peas, broccoli, carrots, purple beans and a capsicum.

These are the cherry tomato bushes - they popped up unexpectedly behind the shed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Princess parasol skirt

 I am just in love with this piece
I tested this pattern 'parasol skirt' for the designer and I can't recommend it enough - it's well written, seamless and just has the most adorable frills :)
The yarn is another love - the color changes are amazing and just so girly, plus it is soft and squishy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Winter ramblings

And I think winter has started to set in here where I live....crispy cold mornings and now today the pitter patter of rain on the roof....I love winter, not as much as autumn mind but there is something quiet and comfortable about an overcast, cold day.
Been crafting as usual - not as fast as I'd like though as my 1 yr old is putting me through boot camp at the moment...woken every hour and a half at night and believe me I know the exact time cos I look at the clock LOL

I adore this simple but the bamboo yarn makes it oh so soft...
A cute little Blossom bolero for little Ella....A perfect piece for layering on mild winter days

And my YARN TALLY so far for 2011

Year to Date IN: 6100 grams
Year to Date OUT: 4655 grams
Destashed: 1750 grams

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knitting spiders and snakes

I have no idea what possessed me but when I saw the pattern searching for something else I just knew I had to cast it on straightaway, even the yarn jumped out of my stash with no hesitation ….and so here I am.
Hell I don’t even like big spiders.
Before blocking
.I’m so happy with myself I have learnt so much doing this piece * big grin *  I did tend to knit this during my tv time so there are a few mistakes LOL but nothing that took away from the piece so I left them.

All blocked out
 This is a row by row pattern [phobia cowl] with everything explained and color coded - nothing to say but perfect and very enjoyable....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Denim Disposition

Just finshed this piece last night :)
Loosely based on two patterns - I changed the ribbing to a twisted cable and had to adjust the crocheted end to accommodate two buttons instead of three. Made in a merino/silk blend it is just so squishy and warm - I do hope my swap partner likes it.