This is my place to chronicle the simple pleasures of my life.....I knit, crochet and sew etc. I'm a proud Mommy, a wife and above all a soul of living light. Join me on a journey to inspiration amongst craft or life.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OOAK pendant necklaces - crochet and beads

A little boho, a little hippie....a lot of style and one of a kind...........

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Red Bow Rabbit - finding the joy in my craft business again.

Cos I love rabbits, you can never have too many bows and red goes faster :)

Why not come for a visit and continue along my crafting journey with me.

Lately I've been putting all my past patterns together, perfecting some and ditching others so I can focus on crafting things I enjoy and adding back the whimsy to my life amongst the busy clutter of a mom to 7....... I'm so happy to share my creations and since 2008 I've sold over 500 items which makes me so grateful and gives me a big thrill to know my items are being loved and used in the big wide world. A fresh name and a fresh easy care shop were in order so I am putting all my efforts into the big scope of Etsy, I just don't have time to run my own website.
At the moment I have added heaps of new things with tons of more ideas and cut outs ready to be finished.
I adore my little pig softies......they make me so happy and creating them is a joy!
I love crochet and beading.
It's so much fun to make peekaboo owls and vintage fabrics and upcycling is almost a part of me now.
Finding the joy in my craft business again................

Friday, April 17, 2015

Handmade bags.....

Bag making I love making simple bags especially when I can embellish them with vintage doilys, lace and other bits and pieces. Even did a pieced bag which I'm quite chuffed with :)
I've listed all these in my etsy shop but I don't mind keeping them LOL
My own quick drafted pattern made to utilize small bits of fabric and trims, fully lined and an added snap closure for security and because I love my snap press!

RedBowRabbit on etsy

Monday, February 9, 2015

February's box....

With the children at school and my two smallest napping I managed to get a whole block of time to myself last week and sewing was on the agenda! This is Februarys box for Marcus's-Butterfly   
I'm adding a few tiny beanies in it too.

Toys, cozies, a hat and a bag!

 So first up is my foray into knitted toys.....this voodoo princess is for Miss Sevyn's 1st birthday pressie, isn't she cute!!!!

A buzzy bee for a group knit along...

A mommy echidna and her puggles - okay this is crocheted not knitted LOL

Then we have cozies - simple, fast and fun knits! Made one for my Dad, one for my fav barista boy and some to decorate my plant bottles.

This bag was made for my Dad for Christmas - such a great pattern!

Then a quick test knit.....

or two......
 And finally a cool cuff for a valentines swap.....