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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From a little love comes.... Queen of hearts!
Test knit of Cathy's 'a little love slouch' pattern....looks super cute in either beanie or slouch form and look at all the lovey hearts on there - of course I had to find a heart button ;)

 Very quick to make and took just 55g of yarn or about 120 yards of DK. I knit mine in a super soft cashmere, microfiber, wool blend!!

Project tally to date for 2011 - 50....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Powder blue for you

Whipped up in a few sittings ready for my 3 yr old to wear out to a restaurant for lunch today :)
Such a quick easy knit with so many cable options as well as space to do it your own way further.....
Tis a Milo
I chose to again add googly eyes to my owl cables....I love the whimsy they bring to the finished look.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From plants and yarn

Our vegetables are producing some lovely harvests so I thought I'd show you some :)
The peach tree is at Nanny and Poppy's house - they are just so cute when they are fuzzy!

And the yarny goodness:
A HOO hat for Teddy - it pooled in the coolest stripes around the hat.



And this is my woodland fae cowl...I adore how simple and polished this pattern was and can't wait to make another one - I'm thinking red next and a cotton/merino blend to really define the leaves!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My first ever socks!!!!!

And I am more than proud that both of them are finished!!!
Just a basic pattern I found in one of my many pattern books on the shelf....yay I knit from my shelf....with a gorgeous hand dyed bamboo/merino blend.
I double stranded all of the socks except for the ribbed cuffs so that they are a little more durable for little feet.
THIS link really helped me to understand the sock parts and pieces making it much easier to see where I was going..............
For anyone too scared to pick up some small needles (I magic looped btw) and a sock pattern I say close your eyes and go for it. Trust the pattern and knit what you's so much easier than you think!!!

A year of projects #2

I've been trying to add to my tiny list of things I want to make for me over the next year but I've found I am such a fussy person and the truth is I really enjoy crafting for others more than myself....that being said as my second post in the blog-a-long I am pleased to say I *think* I have narrowed down a color choice for my ribbed singlet... a light icy blue.
Fibre - I'm thinking a superwash merino for ease of care????
Anyone happen to see any yarns to these ideals?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Like magic my darling...

....out of a long piece of yarn springs a hat!
Made just for Cathy - her yarn, my needles....I enjoyed the yarn, very squishy and soft and the pattern was quite easy. The colorway is 'Magic of the orient' by Anne from Ladybug Loops, the flashes of turquoise really add a little something extra to this project.

I'm working on a few big knits at the moment so it's been a good thing to squish in some smaller, quickly gratifying projects to keep me going and my fingers inspired.

Here is a little bag I've just finished for a swap partner - I modified the pattern to start with a circular crocheted base instead of a knitted one as I thought it made it so much more sturdier.
My kitty wouldn't move off the bench so she's in the shot too LOL

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Purple silk wurm

How cool did this hat turn out....I'm in love so much I can't wait to make another!!!
This one is for a swap partner and is made out of a wool/silk blend in the 'New York' colorway from yarntopia treasures on etsy (love their yarns) and a cotton blend I found amongst my stash.
Took only 100g to make a super slouchy beanie.
The button on top is my idea - I wanted to add some more interest plus I love Benji's buttons!!!

This pic more shows the colors more accurate

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A year for

 So I have joined in on the 'year of projects' blog along group on Ravelry - we are starting now and what fun it will be cheering each other on and looking through all the blog posts and project pages.
Feeling much like a wayward autumn leaf, changing my mind with each pull and tug of the wind, my list is very small at this stage.......only two items on it but they are for me and amongst all my creating that is a rare thing.
Obviously I'll be knitting and crocheting for others but it is important over the next year to add some things for me.
So my list is called 'A LIST FOR ME'   - I hope to achieve a minimum of 5 items over the next year that are just for me.
A list for me

Friday, July 1, 2011

Miss Lucy and the purple cardi

Isn't 'Miss Lucy' just lovely when she flowers....Sh'es my little geranium plant and I've had her for quite a few years now and despite being through many disasters (including being eaten by chooks) she just keeps powering on.


And this is a pretty lil sleeveless cardi for Ella - I especially love the kitty buttons. A size 12-18mths hopefully it will last thru to next year as well.
This project is number 41 for this year....