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Sunday, June 29, 2008

5% off to make way for next theme!

I'm having a 5% off sale to make way for my next theme.......and that is BACK IN BLACK, pads in darker shades!
I was going to do a birds and butterflies theme but alas I was unable to locate enough fabric that I liked so it will have to wait another few weeks.
On a wonderful note I went to a quilters fabric market at spotlight the other night, it was really nice to spend some time without the children, made me feel like an adult, lol and guess who won the lucky door prize of $200 ***********ME. It is going to be such a boost for my fabric collection let me tell you! With all the people there I was shocked to win. WOW I'm still pinching myself!
I've also had a few customers coming in as well so the fates are definitely shining on me, praise them!
Oh by the way, I've also stocked 'Platinum Panties' with some great pads too!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Next theme stocking!

I have thought up my next theme at the cloth pad shop. It will be announced soon. I have sold quite a few pads from my minky theme so I am sooooo pleased and do hope the ladies who bought them will be too!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Minky Theme!

Well my first theme listing went lovely minky creations are up for sale. I will have an end of theme sale too I think in preparation for the next theme. I probably, for my own sanity, should have my next theme thought of and half ready to go but I just can't decide on what to do. I have so many great fabrics I want to try out that it's hard to choose one type.......I'll need to put my thinking cap on and my butt into gear since it's coming up LOL
On to nappies, I've been creating some fitted nappies that will be up for sale soon, probably on ozebaby!
Latest pad pics below

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well I thought I might add something different to my store at the cloth pad shop and set up my items in themes......running a theme for two weeks at a time or basically 2 a month!
I get bored quite easily so this will be a way of adding some excitement to my sewing and the shop.
My first theme will be MINKY, which is a delightfully velvet soft fabric that comes in a myriad of designs and colors!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!

A great day for is one of my favorite colors and 13 is my 'very lucky' favorite number! I'm serious, lol. I was planning on doing a bit of conjuring but I won't have time tonight as I've a few other things I need to do and plus lil man 1yr old wouldn't go to sleep before 8.30......hmm.
I've been shopping, couldn't resist what with all the sellers restocking their stores tonight! The cloth pad shop is just overflowing with gorgeous pads.
I got the nicest black pirate menstrual pad, I sat there looking at it for half hour before I finally gave in and snapped one up....and so my stash expands!
Talking of pads I need to get a move on with making up some more cloth pads for my stores. I have some gorgeous minky (just the softest material ever) coming and also some more PUL which I might use for backing, though I cant remember if its printed or not!
I also have bamboo velour on hand now so that will be used for tops and bottoms.
And so I leave this post with
Bright Blessings to all!

Sneak preview

Here are some gorgeous fabrics I picked up....gotta love the sparkly bling!
I have also made up a few more waterproof pad sets that I've put in the cloth pad shop. I especially like the animals one as it has a minky PUL bottom which is just oh so soft in a giraffe print!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Puzzle pieces.......

Newborn sized! On sale at 'Ozebaby'

More stocks and whateva...............

My new pad sets are now live (at the cloth pad shop).....I wonder how they will be received.
I have also added a few more stocks of cloth pads and sets to my website 'Platinum Panties'.

Actually, thinking about cloth menstrual pads I was talking to my hubby about the comparison of cloth to disposables for him and he commented on the smell of the plastic disposable pads.......I had never realized they had a smell, hmm maybe I'm just ignorant or I've been using them so long (I got my period at 11) that I'm immune but since he said it I had to go have a whiff, lol, and found it to be quite true and he also went as far as to say that he has had friends and workmates (they refused to go near that supermarket isle because of it) say the same thing to him and it's easy to tell when a women is at that time because of really??? I was quite taken aback and was like "well why do you think men don't say something to us women" and he said it's because they never thought there was an alternative to plastic pads and since its a necessity what could they say?
As a last thought all I can say now is I'm really glad I use cloth. Hubby is also much more pleased and glad that I also feel more empowered for choosing a nicer, more stylish and NON SMELLING alternative!
The things you learn from the opposite sex ay :)

And on to nappies...............
I am making up a few more nappy covers tonight in a gorgeous multi-colored puzzle piece print fleece!
Next on my list is fitted cloth nappies, I am a user of cloth and just can't say enough about how much better they are to use than disposables.
Better for the environment, better on your pocket, better on baby's skin and much better for color and style.
So look out for them!
And by the way I'm still waiting for my hemp fleece order :$

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Minky nappy cover!

An extremely soft nappy cover in a tiny size to fit those early arrivals or tiny newborns. I just love this material and the up raised dots formed on the surface.
I used to knit and crochet alot for various hospitals and so I'll be also able to make some up for them as well. In my experience it really helps the parents to have something that actually fits their baby at such a trying and stressful time!

'Beach Cabana'

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New pad sets!



Finally they are here......after alot of designing and re- designing I have perfected the pattern.
Very versatile they come in sets with a winged base and two pads that snap onto the base at the pointed end.
Great for matching your mood or flow they are also quick drying!
Check out the photos! More sets are coming.................................including a delicious cupcake set!
They go live at the cloth pad shop on FRIDAY NIGHT!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fleece nappy covers!

Here is two of my fleece nappy covers currently in stock at 'Platinum Babies'!
Polar fleece is a wonderful fabric for making cloth nappy covers as it is water resistant and breathable aswell as being good at drawing the moisture away from baby's skin so it stays nice and dry. Made by my own pattern in a simple design with elasticated legs they fit snugly and feature a high back. I have trialled them with my own sons and found them brilliant!
They are both size small and depending on the child fit 0-4 months! I have multiple snap settings so they can also be fully adjusted at the waist.
Medium and large covers coming soon...................
I am also perfecting a premmie sizing, perfect for use with the smallest little treasure! I am doing up my prototype today so fingers crossed it works, lol.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New item!

Here is my latest addition to my 'Platinum Babies' shop! A gorgeous green floppy hat in really soft acrylic yarn. I just had to add the three white sparkle flowers!!!!