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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And I'm almost finished and ready to go!

I just have a few more pads to sew up today and then I'm ready to go....finally! Feels like I've been sewing non stop for ages, lol.
I have quite a bit of new fabric coming so I guess that will probably inspire me to make up some more throughout the month but other than that I will be taking a few weeks break to sew up some nappies instead. So far 'Platinum Panties' will have over 30 pads being listed on the first and my other two stores at the cloth pad shop will have the same combined between the two! I'm especially thrilled with my new oriental spring has made some gorgeous looking pads let me tell you!

I also found some fantastic mermaid fabric which has also been made into pads!
And so I'm off to sew up a storm..............

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've been busy................

Super busy in fact!
I'm in preparation for two is a massive cloth pad stocking at my website, its going to be a big event on the 1st August and the other is an all stores theme stocking at the cloth pad shop for the entire month of August! The theme we all decided on was know winter, summer etc
I'm quite excited about it actually as I have to think really hard about what I'm going to make as my interpretations. I have the most gorgeous sparkle fabric for winter but apart from that I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another new nappy in stock!

And here is the new nappy I've called 'What??????'..................

New Store opened!

I have just opened another new store stocking my cloth menstrual pads! It is still at the CLOTH PAD SHOP but is featured on the US side which means all prices are in the USD and much more convenient for ladies shopping from over there!
I will be adding stocks to the site daily over the next week so I should have quite a range to choose from.......You can also purchase from either side aswell so if you wanted an item from the aussie side and the US side then just go ahead....its all processed thru checkout for you!
I have again been on a massive fabric buying yer I know I went on one last week but I just couldn't resist really what with all the flannels being on clearance!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pink Panther nappy and another auction!

Here is the latest nappy added to 'Platinum Babies'.....a gorgeous candy pink nappy featuring the pink panther, now that takes you back, lol!
I have also listed another cloth pad auction with all proceeds going to the Chibobo Orphanage in has some gorgeous pads including a waterproof one!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Auction is up!

Well my first auction for the Chibobo appeal is up and is a pic of what is in the pack so make a bid!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chibobo Orphanage - Special auctions

An appeal is running for the Chibobo orphanage in Africa in which WAHM's and any one who wants to can donate money that goes directly to the place omitting all the silly middlemen in the middle and so.......................As part of my contribution I will be donating all of the proceeds from some cloth pad auctions that I will run at the Cloth Pad Shop and at Ozebaby. That's right all of the money will go straight to the appeal so if you would like to buy some pads and help some needy children at the same time please make a bid :)
The auctions will start tomorrow hopefully if I can get the pads made up tonight with no interruptions, lol and will run for 5 days only!
I will include a link to the information blog asap...............

New Fitted Nappies in stock

My fitted cloth nappies on sale at 'Platinum Babies' .......
CLICK HERE to see them!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Stock and another creation!

Well I've been very busy getting together my next theme for the cloth pad shop which will be BUGS, BUTTERFLIES and BIRDS.......All of my stock will be listed on Friday this week!
I am also nearly finished another cute little crocheted top for a girl. Done in multi colored yarn it looks a bit like candy :) I'll be posting a photo soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New overnight/heavy flow pads!

I have been busy designing and whipping up some great new pad designs!
The first is a regular L.....these pads are exactly like my regulars except they have a longer front and back for those that like that extra bit of security from leaks, still made in the same trim design though!
And the second new pads to come out are my overnight/heavy flow ones. These ones are longer at the front and have a flared back which makes them great for sleep time.
I am still in the process of finishing new stock but I have some up and listed at the CPS!
And announcing my new theme......Bugs, Butterflies and Birds! This theme will start on 18th July!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

5th June

My sewing machine is back.......yay finally after a month wait! It was fixed and serviced and the fault was a seized motor ???? strange since I only had it 3 weeks but well its all better now :)
And the difference between it and the loan machine.....mine is sooooo quiet and I feel more in control of the needle!
I have still been busy, I have alot of new pads listed at the CPS and am also going to have another stocking of 'Platinum Panties' as well within the next few days.
I went on my huge shopping spree that I won at spotlight and basically bought $200 of fabric, well I did buy a few towels and some cute toys for bubba but mainly fabric! I couldn't resist all the lovely prints! It is all going to come in handy as I will be opening up an etsy store soon and will need a fair bit of stock to list.
Anyhow I'm busy as usual so off I go......................