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Monday, February 28, 2011

Want to have a giggle?

Here is my latest finished object *giggle*  a lovely heart g-string, ie.skimpy underwear bottoms which is  completely adjustable using ties.....
And no I will not be aiming for a 'model' pic *giggle*
I must admit it was a lot of fun to whip up!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thought process of knit/crochet

I really want to cast on a new project but I'm having trouble even picking up the needles, laying in bed last night I think I worked out the problems, oops sorry 'steps' to getting started that actually hinder the starting process and the finishing for that matter LOL

Step 1: The pattern....this is the first problem cos any knit/crochet project starts with a pattern AND you have to find the pattern first which means spending lots of time surfing the net, staring at ravelry and sifting thru your books. It's just not that simple because searching inevitably means getting sidetracked - 'oohh never seen that pattern' (it's for a skirt and you were originally searching for a vest)....'Oh look at what so and so did with that pattern' might have to try it one day (in the queue)...Looking at your queue - 'Oh I forgot I had queued THAT pattern' (Off you go for a look at it in more detail) and before you know it you've taken up (or wasted hehe) 3- 5 hours and you haven't even FOUND a pattern yet.

Step 2: The yarn ......So lets assume we actually found a issue - yarn like all good things is addictive, most knitters/crocheters will most likely (or not) admit to a cupboard full of yarn and yet there is always that 'extra' weekly trip to the LYS or those skeins you couldn't resist coming in the post. Touching it, running your hand over your full baskets, staring at it or just dreaming of it are all part of a normal day.
You get a lil giddy and excited but at the same time a little rueful, do you really want to use it??? after all then it will be gone.....

Step 3: The cast on/chain....AGAIN we're assuming that we've actually not only managed to choose the pattern but that we've actually paired it with a yarn........Next issue.......Your empowered, you've made choices and your ready, on go the stitches, your fingers are excited and flying, your absorbed in the joy that is creating....and what a joy it is, 'it's going to look so cute on'...

UH OH ....your friend came over, you went on ravelry, you just had to flick thru that magazine didn't you???
That new skein came in the mail - it's oh so soft and beckoning - the colors are just so real - it's calling you like an alluring siren to a sailor.................................................
Suddenly your WIP's shimmer is fading - If I just put it to the side for now....just for today???? And the cogs start turning, you can tell your slowly slipping back to the first step can't you........Hmm


Now what else is there to say but 'thank the lord for project bags' (and lots of them LOL)

AND I still haven't found that pattern yet....although I *think* i have the yarn I want to use - hmm hang on don't I have those 10 skeins coming in the post from the co-op????
Maybe I should wait.......................and while I'm waiting maybe I could fill the time browsing the new patterns on ravelry

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amongst life I created...

A bit tired this week
A bit overwhelmed 
A bit excited
A bit stressed
A bit raw.......
A bit lacking
A bit stuck
A bit rueful

This is my first finished knit of the year...It's an Eden's Adam 
Another project on circulars in the round - I learn a lot making this: construction techniques, new ways to do things and then at the end I got some fabulous mindless plain knitting with which I could sit and ponder how good I was going and that it didn't take me long at all ;)
Size 4 and it fits my size four son perfectly.....
But then Daddy looked at it finished and said 'the neckline is too girly for a boy'  Hmm.......
I didn't feel so good then...even though the item is finished and looks fabulous the spark is somewhat gone LOL

And so to cover my woes I searched for an immediate gratifying
knit and found this fabulous hat pattern on ravelry
Made for and modeled by my biggest boy Gabriel....I think he loves it although afterwards 
I spied it lying on his bedroom floor, typical boy LOL
Gotta love my boys though - they always watch my hands with interest, they love looking at yarn
and heaven help if I'm using a gradient yarn because all I hear is 'Go faster Mom,
Gotta get to the next color, come on Mom'  Giggle

And this is my entry in the nappycino 'blank canvas' competition

I won 5th prize which is cool and I donated my entry as a prize too!
Can't wait to send it off to it's new owner and winner :)

And now I really have no idea what to make next - I have Wip's to finish sigh
But they don't come up to me and grab my hand demanding to be finished - maybe they should.
I have a body done - I haven't decided if it's a doll or a teddy yet....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learnt something new and a present finished....

I am so proud - I was beaming from ear to ear last night despite the lack of enthusiasm from my husband LOL 
For the first time I sat down and taught myself to knit in the round!!!! I learnt how to join without the gap and at the same time I taught myself how to knit continental style as well. Figured I may as well make my session harder and learn two things at once hehe - I originally learnt to knit the English was with the working yarn in my right hand, quite slow going hence why I decided to switch....I'm still not speedy but it is fabulous going!!!

Here is the start - I'm testing a pattern for a bunnie beanie


And on the other side I finished this gorgeous scarf for my sister in law :)
Another test pattern ( pattern here CINTA...shawl/wrap/scarf) that I did in cotton thread.
I love how it turned out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

New things

Been a very hot week this week....I can't wait for winter :)
This is little Betty - she is a special custom order, I love how she turned out!!

Here is a sneak peek of a new little boy with a crop of auburn hair - he is part of my store stocking soon

And this was my surprise this morning as I was showering, no I didn't 'make' him *giggle* - scared the life out of as I spied him out of the corner of my eye sitting on the edge of the bath hehe....He is cute though isn't he and my favorite color!!
So far this morning he is still sitting quite comfortably in our bathroom much to my kids delight - 'Look Mom he's boinging' LOL