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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A little behind..........

Well as my household found out quite quickly on the weekend ( a lot of yelling, cursing and frustration later) my sewing machine packed it in and this is only after having it a few weeks. Before you, it wasn't my fault :) the motor had completely gone! I did take it back to spotlight, who are sending it back to the manufacturer to be fixed or whatever, and guess what they did???? Offered me a backup machine until mine comes back. Yay for me except that it is such a frustrating machine to work with, lol. It was an unexpected gesture on their behalf, I am always impressed with their service though.....I LOVE SPOTLIGHT!!!!!
To continue my ramblings, all this puts me behind in my pad making. I was hoping to get some AIO and regular days pads done but that doesn't look to be happening any time soon :(
Despite waiting all week for the post my shipment of hemp fleece is naught to arrive either so I guess even if i had my machine it wouldn't make too much a difference anyway!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Platinum Panties Website!

Up and running now is the 'Platinum Panties' website, yay. It is yet to be fully stocked but I hope to have that done by early next week.

I'm really proud of how the site turned out and have to thank my delightful hubby for most of the work!!! I will still have a full stocked store at the cloth pad shop too so plenty of pads to go around, lol. Of course there are still alot of things that need to be done yet, our links and page connections etc but the shop part is up and running.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

About Cloth Menstrual Pads!

A lovely comment was left on my blog yesterday (thank you Karen) that has prompted me to write a short blurb about cloth pad general information. It never occurred to me that they wouldn't come across as a reusable product!

So lets get to some cloth menstrual pad facts:

  • Environmentally friendly - My cloth pads are able to be used over and over again. With a sizable stash many women find their pads last for many years.
  • Machine Washable - I turn and topstitch my pads making them very durable.
  • Easy Care - When used just soak in a container of cold water and when ready for a washing load just throw them into the machine. You can also wash them with your other items if you so desire.
  • Money Saving - The initial layout for a stash of cloth pads might seem alot more expensive but in the long run you do save quite a bit of money.
  • Convenient - You never again have to worry about that horrible dash to the shops as you realize your period has arrived and there's no pads left in the drawer.
  • Special - What better way to celebrate your womanhood than to wear fabulous, comfortable fabrics and gorgeous prints.......Don't we all deserve something a little special!

I hope this helps give a little more insight into the cloth pad world. More information will be going up on my 'Platinum Panties' website soon!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's almost the end of the year is just flying by now! I've been working hard on my websites, changing things etc and I think they are all coming up really well. The Platinum Panties website is my favorite though it is not yet online as we have to add a shopping cart to it! Just wait til you see it!!!!!
I've also been working on a 'something special' pad range which will see something special on each pad in the range. Here's a sneak preview :)

I hope to have a few pads up on the cloth pad shop site before the weekend but of course that will depend on time etc

On another note.....I was going thru my herb stockpile looking for the ingredients for a winter energy spell and it made me think about how hard it is to find witch/magic etc themed fabrics. Why is that?
I have literally searched everywhere, IRL and online and have yet to find any that aren't either hideous or cartoon fairy type. I remember years back that I was able to find a few cotton prints at spotlight but not anymore. I was talking to hubby about it and he thinks I was able to get some back then due to the popularity of 'Harry Potter' and the like but that isn't helping me now :(
I'd really like to be able to incorporate a bit more 'me' into my cloth pads and other things so if anyone knows of a fabric seller with these types leave a comment, I'd be much obliged :)

I'm slowly building my cloth pad stash as I see pads I like.......I know how I feel at that time of the month so I look for pads with prints that empower me and express solid, fast moving energy! I bought one a few days back that has an aztec style horse print with gold glitter bits and purple shades and it just makes me think of the image of horses rushing out of the sea waves. I love it! I also like the colour green but not too many makers seem to use green. I have yet to find a pleasing green print I like to create with!
hmm anyway away I must go.........xxK

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More website business!!!!!!!

So upon thinking about all of the items I'm involved in stocking we decided to put it all together under one name......kind of like a central page for all my outlets!
And so is born 'Platinum Angelz'.
At this central page you can access 'Platinum Babies' which stocks all of my baby and toddler items, 'Platinum Panties' which stocks my designer range of cloth menstrual pads, my 'Ozebaby' store which stocks a little of everything and my store at the 'Cloth Pad Shop' which stocks more of my cloth pads!
The platinum panties website is still under construction but everything is really starting to come together!

P.S For the next 5 customers purchasing at 'Platinum Babies' we are offering FREE POSTAGE as part of our special promotion :)

Silver Shimmer!

Here is my new silver shimmer long liner! The fabric is a black cotton with silver glitter floral prints over it.............just divine! This one goes live tonight at the cloth pad shop!

Diamond G liner Pics!!!

Today is Sunday......I've a short while before dinner and the inevitable night routine of my little treasures, who might I add, have been quite naughty and whingy today :), so I'll upload some pics of my new 'Diamond G' g-string liners! I made them specially for g-strings, hence the name but have found they also work quite well on normal underpants though it is a trim crotch style but hey, I prefer less bulk anyway!
I also uploaded a few more short liner pics, the fabric were just too good not to share :P and I just loooooove the turtle liner.....the pattern placement is perfect!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fabric pic!

And so here I am again!
My snap machine works great and I have added a whole bunch of new pads to my store at the cloth pad shop
I am also uploading a new pic of my recent fabric buying.......For custom ordering of cloth pads especially which I offer through my website platinum babies.
I am hoping to get a few more pads made up this weekend and also want to get some more knits done! I've been so involved setting up my cloth pad shop etc that not much has been happening on my hook or needles. I did buy some lovely yarn recently though and thought it might make a cute beanie......kind of a red/yellow blend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

'Snap' says Mr Crocodile...........

Lol, no he doesn't......snap' says my new snaps machine! I am now able to add professional snaps to my cloth pads!!!!
And guess what????????? I just sold my very first cloth pad! Yay, woo hoo, yippeee! :) sorry but I'm just so excited and it was one of my favorite designs too, my flower beetle fabric!
I have also updated my custom ordering page on my website so now you can order your own custom cloth pad or Diamond G liner!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More pads and news!

I have opened my shop at the 'cloth pad shop' and am getting ready to go! Some more samples of what's in store are below and guess what..........?????? Hubby bought me a snap press machine so now some of my pads will have snap closures instead of velcro for those who prefer that! I will have quite alot of pads going live this weekend hopefully!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Diamond G liner!

Today was a good day for designing!
Sitting at the kitchen table with a g-string in hand, glad we didn't have a surprise visitor considering it was mine, lol, we came up with a small liner pattern for a G! Not really for absorbency, more for everyday freshness, as layers in the middle make it, IMO, too bulky which in turn doesn't make it sit quite as well.
I'm hoping to have them in stock on my website and the cloth pad shop soon.
I am a little behind at the moment as my fussiness has lead me to discard a few pads as they weren't quite right, but I am going to hit the machine as soon as bubby is asleep and see if I cant whip up a few!
I have been looking at snaps options for closures and I think pretty soon I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a proper machine! An expensive outlay but probably worth it in the end as I'm sure quite a few people would prefer snaps to velcro.
And so all that's left to say is.......what a dreadfully windy day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New fabrics!

And who went shopping today...........I just cant resist really, especially when it comes to fabrics. Fabrics on sale I might add, lol.
Hubby got out his ruler and measurements the other night and actually came up with a pretty good pad design......who said men weren't helpful ;) ........I've yet to give it a whirl but hopefully this weekend. I just keep running out of time in the day. Had a few dramas this week with my 5 year old Gabe, dreadful bullies at school and 1 year old Teddy has been sick but hopefully all will start to calm down as we go into the weekend.
Here is a pic of my fabric going into pads!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Batch of pads!

Here are my next set of pads that have fabric wings.......very cute prints!!!!
The ladybird and the birdie one are my short version and the magic and orange ones are my new long contoured design!
These liners will be in stock at the 'cloth pad shop' this weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming Soon................

I am currently in the process of designing........Yes, I know I'm always designing, lol.
  • I am bringing out a new panty liner, same trim design but a little longer for the women that prefer a more protective length
  • My regular pads for regular days will be made up this week, just waiting on my fabric shipment!
  • And also on the drawing board, quite literally, is full wing patterned pads that are a little more protective of the sides for leaks for those who prefer that.

I'm really excited to be going into this market and am looking to supply as many options as I can to suit all tastes.
Going thru the trials of my trim liners I'm really happy with how there is no extra bulk under the crotch area, something that is my preference when choosing a liner for freshness days, especially since I dont want to change my clothing style!This afternoon I whipped up a green pad with corduroy backing and the music notes one.....they turned out well with that choice of backing and quite thick!

'Platinum Panties' are here!

And so begins my trip into the cloth pad kingdom.........
Wow, since discovering these a little while ago thru other sites and giving some a go I must say that I have never felt a more comfortable alternative to those dreadful plastic store bought menstrual products!!!!
Better for the environment and better for our health, cloth is the way to go!
I perfected my comfortable pattern template and sewed some up. So far I've made wing less panty liners (perfect for everyday freshness or light days) and will be finishing up my version of winged ones as soon as I get off the computer today, lol! Then I plan to make up some regular ones but alas I've ran out of hemp fleece so I'll have to wait til my order arrives in the post!
In stock on my website and I will also be putting some in my ozebaby store soon!
Join the revolution dont know what your missing!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Pads!!!!

Here is some more that I made up last night, albeit they have yet to have the hook and loop sewn on! Nice aren't they, I really love the animal print!
The hearts one has red stitching which I think went well!
Now I'm on to some pads with corduroy backing and a music notes print on top!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Website Makeover Finished!!!!

And so here begins my own website store journey!
Check out the new makeover at and have a browse around! I will be gradually stocking it with more items as I go and coming soon is hopefully a range for mom!
I've got to get working on that one!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Website under construction!

And here I am again..............Some exciting things have been happening, starting with my
It is undergoing a huge makeover and is having a shopping cart finally installed making it easier to access and nicer to look at, yay. It's been slow going as there is no such thing as TIME with 4 kids, lol, especially for complicated computer stuff and not to mention that I'm clueless and need hubby to construct it for me but hopefully it will be all systems go within a week!
I am also working on some new projects to stock my Ozebaby store, a whole new winter range in neutrals and cream.....Just for little bubbas! With my brilliant stash of buttons, what better than soft colours to show them off. The ones below although hard to see are a wooden type with engraved flowers swirling on them! I think they match the theme of the jacket quite nicely and I was loving the chenille around the edges!
A preview is below!
More next time....................................................................................