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Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 giving back - SANDS

Each year I choose a way to 'give back' ..... this year after much thought and stumbling across a beautiful page: Marcus's-Butterfly (and seeing her article in the newspaper) I decided this year would be all about SANDS and donating my time and crafting skills to Marcus's butterfly page in particular.
Sands supports parents whose baby has died at any stage during pregnancy or the newborn period. or see the national page.
At such a heartbreaking time the small blankets, sets and beanies can be something to treasure and hold - as a parent myself I could not imagine losing a precious one and so I am honoured to help any way I can.
If you'd like to help here is the pattern page and guidelines for making special sets:

I am aiming this year to compile a box of handmade items once a month ..... I'm almost ready to send of my January box :)

Bunting sets - one for the angel and one for the parents to treasure.....small ones are 16- 24 weeks, bigger ones 24-30 weeks approx - for angels too small or delicate to be dressed.
20-28wk hats

16-24wk beanies


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To crochet with love...

 Been crocheting a fair bit lately....still knitting amongst it but crochet has been stealing my heart.....I love how quick it is, how easy and fun to make things up as you go......