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Monday, August 22, 2011

Warmth and gifts for Japan

Recently I came across this little website and could not help but smile and pitch in....I filled in the form and registered to let them know I would love to whip up some warm gifts for those in Japan affected by the recent disasters they're country has endured.
The project is called scarves for Japan but you are welcome to send any handmade warm items including beanies, mittens etc...they will be going into winter soon and every item counts.
I also love that they encourage you to include a note or card for the intended recipient - a very personal touch that they know will brighten someones day :)

Knit in yummy malabrigo and a cotton blend this is a child size hat

Knit in a gorgeous wool/cashmere/silk blend this one is adult sized

Here is the link again just in case you want to take a peek and join me and many others around the world in using your needles or hook to knit strength, love and hope for the living souls of Japan <3

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