This is my place to chronicle the simple pleasures of my life.....I knit, crochet and sew etc. I'm a proud Mommy, a wife and above all a soul of living light. Join me on a journey to inspiration amongst craft or life.....


Here you will find my ready made rosaries and chaplets...special pieces hand beaded by me each one is unique. They are available and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. 

How to obtain a rosary that whispers to you from this page?

Offer me something!  Would you like to trade some yarn for a rosary?   A gifted ravelry pattern?   A bar of handmade soap? A knitted dishcloth?.......No offering is too small for my rosaries if it comes from your faith and your heart. You can of course offer an amount of money via paypal if that is what you wish but the amount is entirely up to you.

Email me at angelbaby-0023 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com or leave a comment :)


Rosary - Rainbows - delightful glass rainbow tube beads and silver shimmer Beads. 

Length is 45cm top to crucifix end
Centre piece is a Miraculous medal - doublesided
and the Crucifix Pendant: Silver, 40mm

Stardust and ruby, sterling silver 925 - Ruby red bicones sperated with gold and silver spacers and the most gorgeous silver stardust beads with crystal chatons.
A light delicate piece with a lot of sparkle and shine.

Length is 40cm top to crucifix end
Centre piece is a our lady with Jesus on back
Crucifix Pendant: Sterling silver 925, 2cm 

Our Lady Pink Rosary - hot pink crackle glass beads & individually handmade Lampwork Glass flower Beads.
Center piece is a Gilt/gold Our Lady 13mm and the crucifix Pendant: Gilt Decorative 5cm
A truly feminine piece that is a delight in the healing color of pink, length of 60cm top to crucifix end


Rosary - berries and bottles - red glass beads and special wooden bottle Beads.
Length is 60cm top to crucifix end
Centre piece is a Mary with child medal
Crucifix Pendant: Silver Decorative 4.5cm


Blue Floral Rosary - dark blue flower glass beads and individually handmade ceramic beads with lovely patterns. Center piece is a gold SHM with Jesus on the back
Small Crucifix: Gold, 35mm
Length is 62cm top to crucifix end


Ocean and Earth Rosary - golden brown pearl glass beads and individually handmade Lampwork Glass beads which feature brown and aqua swirls in the middle.
Center piece is Madonna, doublesided
Crucifix Pendant: Enamel Inlay 6cm White
Length is 54cm top to crucifix end


Forest Greens Rosary - light green cats eyes glass beads and dark green square beads enhanced with metal spacers.
Center piece is the chalice
Crucifix Pendant: Silver Trinity 5.5cm
Length is 59cm top to crucifix end
This rosary has quite a bit of weight and is a solid hold.


Miraculous Faith Rosary - black glass pearls and handmade Lampwork Glass Rondelle Beads.
Centre piece is the miraculous medal and the Crucifix Pendant: Silver Decorative 5cm.

Smaller rosary