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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lemon marmalade by me

I am more than pleased with myself today - it had been three days in the making and today it's completed......yummy 'Meyer' lemon marmalade :)
I used the recipe from here
I've been told making it over the three days was the 'long' way to go but with 5 kiddies being able to make my jam gradually made it easy to fit in and a lot less stressful.
The lemons came from my in-laws laden tree - I'd seen it fruit before but it just never occurred to me to use the lemons for anything besides putting on fish, it's a good thing though because they are just such tasty lemons (not as tarty, screw your face up type lemons) actually quite sweet.

My notes for the recipe:
7 lemons made three good size jars (about 900g of boiled down lemons)
Added about 50% of fruit weight in sugar this will go perfect on warm scones with butter..............................

And of course I have been crafting....I've since finished this glove but will take a pic once I finish the other glove. I adore this colorway 'Once Bitten' by Lollytree yarn

Thursday, May 19, 2011

lettuce and knitting

My husband and I are having a bit of friendly competition - we bought a punnet of lettuce seedlings the other day and I planted some up for my windowsill....which my husband promptly informed me wouldn't grow as well.
Hmm..............The challenge was on...

These are my lettuce - growing indoors on a sunny windowsill
This is my husbands lettuce (notice the straggly one beside the first pot lol)

Yes well...he took the photo of his lettuce so I think he must of zoomed in LOL
Nope slow and steady will win the race after all my lettuce is curly and pretty *big grin*

And some knitting - I'm testing a pair of arm warmers (actually making them for me too)...I think I've really mastered magic loop knitting.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainbow tunic

Just a simple test knit I got off the needles last night...I did the tunic version of the seamless kaftan by Victoria Lumb. Not much pooling in the yarn either which was a surprise (I actually like pooling) but it did come out quite nice. 12-18 mths size.

Angelus is more than impressed!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A hat to match my special socks

I love it favorite colors - that of the trees and woods :)
I whipped up this hat to match a pair of gorgeous socks that my beautiful friend Giselle knitted up for me from the pattern 'strong roots'
The hat pattern can be found here 'Twink'

The hat I made

and the socks made by Gis

Friday, May 6, 2011

Saving prayers...

It always amazes me what things people throw away, especially if it is someone elses and they don't know or don't care.......A lovely friend on ravelry sent me a swap package and included was this:

Part of the note on the front of the envelope read:
They were going to throw away this broken rosary so I rescued it - just didn't seem right to throw it away
I opened the envelope and pulled it out - it is broken and the medal is worn but you can feel the prayers, the many prayers that were once whispered as the beads were run through warm fingers......It's beautiful because of what it is now, not because of what it once was when it was new and unbroken.
How many prayers have we as mothers or women put up only to feel broken, in deep despair and lost in desperation but yet we still have the strength to carry on somehow? Because we are truly never broken...battered and beaten sometimes with bit's chipped or broken off but the light is still there, WE are still there and it's the prayers we utter that are the ultimate gift to ourselves because they whisper thru the words we say  that we care and we have the strength to go on......

I'm editing to add one of my favorite sites for prayer - it really is a beautiful, inspiring site 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Created sunshine and scraps

Ta da.....the finished knit that I started yesterday :)
It turned out just so darn cute!!

And here is Gabriel's scrappy versa - it's warm, it used up my bits and pieces and it's serviceable....Practical warmth not fashion LOL
It will look great over a black or white skivvy in the winter I think...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunshine in progress

A baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more brightening your world as never before.
-- Author Unknown

I'm creating with sunshine today and it makes me feel happy and warm and full of joy. This little sunbeam is a special new baby knit for my ravelry 'bag full of color' swap partner - her first baby is due in August and her chosen color is yellow, perfect for unisex and perfect for me because yellow is fast becoming a fav color for me lately.
This oh so soft squishy yarn is mulberry silk...I've never knit with it before.
The pattern I've chosen is an in the round/no seams 'Edens Adam'.
I might even finish this sweet knit today.

And this one is a test knit of That skein dress
It was a lovely simple knit that leaves itself open to individual choices like lace panels, cables, colorwork etc.
I added a few mods to my knit - I did K1 P1 ribbing around the neck and also around the arm holes...I found it finished it off with a bit more stretch and style :)
I love how the yarn pooled around the hem.
And where is this dress going? Why to little Miss Zoe of course.
Zoe was born the same day as my Israel last year, how special!