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Friday, January 28, 2011

A huge plateful with a side serve of yarn

Been a lot on my plate lately, actually it's probably more of a bowl full - a soupy mix of emotions. As usual though my craft is here to comfort and calm me.....Made a set of prayer beads (these ones are for someone special, a little gift of strength)

Such pretty clear glass, metal spacers and a hematite cross.

This is a custom for a pokemon champion - his fav pokemon is 'Shuckle' so looking at pics I made him up his very own amigurumi one, I actually managed to write down half the pattern but that's as far as I got LOL

And then there is a woolly purchase....3 skeins of a gorgeous merino, colorway 'Magpie' by Dashing Dachs.
Totally divine and I have earmarked it for a knitting project :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Breeze tank top

And here is my latest off the hook: Breezy tank top for my Maddy :)
Had to jiggle with the pattern quite a bit as it didn't have sizing or measurements at all included, all my adjustments and notes are on my ravelry project page. Mine is a size 8-10 and is perfect for layering or even over a swimsuit for the beach...She loves it although I dragged her out of bed early before school to get an action shot, hence the sleepy face LOL

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reminder to just breathe...

Life realization is like waves pounding my head today, life doesn't work out for everyone, it doesn't go to a perfect plan, I don't think it even has a plan.....Some days are full of joy and yet others are so bleak and desperate. I feel desperate today, like I'm hanging on to a thin string - I don't think I know why either. On the surface everything is okay, normal maybe????
I have to remind myself to breathe....

I've been crafting as usual - this is a custom order for little miss E's 1st birthday...I love how it turned out and I couldn't help embellishing further and further

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Qu'est-ce à dire ....

Going to be a bits and pieces post -
my head is swirling with so much today that it feels impossible to separate any pieces.....

Finished my snow queen shawl last night, my husband looked at the pile of yarn I had left and said 'you won't get that finished tonight'  haha that was a challenge I won. Blocked it this morning and being cotton it dried super fast, the pattern really came out I think. More like snow splattered with neat rainbow shades.

Was sunny today after a cloudy start, that's always nice isn't it......
Have you ever thought that we 'feel' too much?And feelings invoke thoughts so maybe we 'think' too much too.

 Found the most beautiful saying today that I am going to post here because I want to remember it...

'Sometimes love is for a moment.
Sometimes love is for a lifetime.  
Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.'

 I think I might string some more prayer beads this week and put them up in my shop....maybe some smaller ones might be in order. I wonder if I have some earth toned beads cos they are the colors I feel like working with, hmm.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're soggy but we're fundraising....

If you haven't already seen on your news station Qld Australia is experiencing massive flooding, our state has been inundated with water leaving many people homeless and in great need.
I live in one of the towns that experienced dramatic flooding - many houses were simply 'full' of water, my family and house were okay, for this I am most thankful, but we have had family members cut off and now even though the waters are receding we are facing shortages of food etc due to the flooding moving down the state closing highways, roads and towns as it goes.
Our capital city, Brisbane, is a is with a heavy heart and disbelief that I pray for the people who are going through so much :(
There is a massive flood relief appeal underway and the handmade community has stepped up to donate many gorgeous goodies with all money going towards those who need it most.
See here for one site offering auctions POSSUM POUCHES
I have donated a ballerina dolly to be auctioned....please do check out the auctions.
Or else please feel free to donate directly

Sunday, January 9, 2011

On frozen blueberries in the dark....

It was the most delicious (literally) scene....warm, balmy night with a slight breeze wafting over my bed while I lay in the dark and ate frozen blueberries. Every sense you have is so much crisper in the dark and it's also fun cos you never quite know when the end of the bag is haha

These are my latest FO's...the seahorse is destined for greater things but more on that next time.

I still haven't gotten back to that shawlette either *sigh* ...I look at it and do think about it but then I think about something else to do instead. Maybe tonight I will pluck it off the shelf?

Friday, January 7, 2011

On Snow queens and Roy.G.Biv

My CAL (crochet-along) started on the first using the snow queen pattern...My feeble start with a gorgeous rainbow yarn, school holidays and 5 kids doesn't leave much time for 'thinking' patterns and this one is definitely a thinker *nods*
Do you know how to remember the colors of the rainbow? It's simple if you remember it as a mans name:
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Israel said his first word today...'Mama' it truly made my day to hear such a sweet word escape his mouth :)
8 months old and an absolute joy!

And now I am off to make choc chip pancakes for my hungry brood....think I might scoff the first one myself hehe

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And here I am...

My first post for 2011.
I've been busy.
Time is moving far too fast for my liking right now.
I would love a day to just sit under a blossoming apple tree with a sweet warm breeze blowing and a cold beverage in my hand (preferably alcoholic hehe), soft grass - it's a nice picture isn't it but alas my picture would probably look more like this....Standing up, hiding behind a tree trunk (that doesn't quite hide me)  clutching an almost empty glass of warm cordial listening to the shouts 'Mom, Mom' where are you' while an ant crept up my arm and bit me.
Ah lets be thankful that the word 'BLISS' is so apt to poetic adaptions :)

See my shawl in the post below? It's on it's way this week to a beautiful lady who I've never met in person but her light touches me all the same. I hope it brings her comfort and a sense of good things for 2011. It's a surprise!!

Here is a cute lil top I whipped up so an expectant mommy.....
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pics of the gorgeous dress in purple I've made