This is my place to chronicle the simple pleasures of my life.....I knit, crochet and sew etc. I'm a proud Mommy, a wife and above all a soul of living light. Join me on a journey to inspiration amongst craft or life.....

About me!

My name is Kristie and I'm a married mom to 6 children (soon to be 7).....I love to knit, crochet and sew and always have something on the go.....I love making things up as I go and can never just seem to follow a pattern without tweaking it a little. I love girly and pretty, things that sparkle and glitter but then is always room for the boring ribbed beanies my hubby requests ;)
I'm always happy to do custom orders and have a website where I sell my items too


Sharon Worley said...

I would to get the lady bug patter dress. If that is possible please email me at

Kristie Matt said...

Hi there,
Did you mean the pattern or the crocheted product?