This is my place to chronicle the simple pleasures of my life.....I knit, crochet and sew etc. I'm a proud Mommy, a wife and above all a soul of living light. Join me on a journey to inspiration amongst craft or life.....

Friday, June 28, 2013

A quick one......

Going to scrub-a-dub the house today so it's a quick post before I get off the computer :)
Pretty much knitting but I do also have a few garden bits and pieces to show you too.

As requested by my darling knit loving son, Angelus.....his rainbow top!

 This beanie is for a gift....very manly I think!

This was created a while ago as a secret test knit for the designer CathyRubin - it has become part of a yarn kit for the RRHY yarn club. Such a stylish pattern!

This is 'Buggy'....I made him up as I went (Oh how I love the freedom of crochet) and he will be apart of the 'Winter warmers showcase' Tanya Knits is hosting on Facebook!

No photos please LOL ......Our rescue dog 'Faith'

 Yummy harvests from our gardens......

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mixture of my life....

Wanted and loved - a gift for a tiny person yet to be born.
Harvest - these yummies became a pot of Ratatouille the same day we picked them.

All four together!

Woodland rainbow - a FB showcase entry.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crochet with colors....

A soft colorful crocheted shawl in cotton with tassels - this one is for a swap :)

Ans some freeform crochet masks for a custom order - I still have an owl to add to the set but couldn't resist popping them in this post......was lovely to just makes things up as I went for a change instead of the restraints of a pattern :)