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Monday, December 5, 2011

Together for the angels

A little while back Melissa from 'Hiding scars in my yarn' blog contacted me with a beautiful idea of adding my chaplets to the items she makes and donates that go to the parents as a keepsake in memory of their child that they have lost. Nothing is more special than an angel baby and to be able to create a small piece of comfort is very special to me.
I hope you like them Melissa............much love xxxx


And a piece of white Christmas......crochet.............
May we all find comfort and blessings this season of joy!
29 inches across

Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Pinkle Bag' pattern

Pinkle Bag

This project involves both crochet (at the start) and then knitting. It is a simple project that can be customized to be bigger or smaller as you wish.

Size 4.00mm hook
Size 4.00mm circular needles
8ply/DK yarn............I used a wool/soy mix

TERMS ....(US)
Crochet -
SC.....single crochet

Knitting -
KFB......knit into the front and back of a stitch to increase
YO....yarn over
K2TOG.....knit two stitches together to decrease

Crochet part - the bottom of your bag
Starting at center bottom
CH 3, join with SL ST to make a ring and do 6 SC into the ring....alternatively you can magic loop this part.
2- 2SC in each stitch around
3- 1 SC in next stitch, 2 SC in next, REP around
4- 1 SC in next two stitches, 2 SC in next, REP around

Keep increasing the amount of SC stitches around by adding 1 more to each set before the INC of 2 SC in a stitch until you have a circle the size you want (keep in mind if the circle is small you may need to use the magic loop knitting method to knit in the round)

Knitting - picking up stitches
Once your circle is the desired size take out your hook and instead insert your knitting needle into the loop and then start picking up stitches (one stitch for each single crochet stitch) all around the circle until you come back to the start, place a marker to indicate start of round.

Knit another round.

Increase round.....
KFB into first stitch, *knit 6 stitches, KFB ...rep from * all the way around

Knit as many rounds as you would like (this is the depth of your bag)...I knit for about 23 more rounds for my medium size bag.

Ribbing rounds....this forms the top edge of your bag.
Knit 2, Purl 2 around.....if you end up with one stitch left over just knit or purl it with the stitch before.
It also doesn't matter if you end on a knit pair either as the double knit two ribs can become your ribbon tie point.
Rep rib rounds another 2 times.
Eyelet row for your ribbon
Knit 2, *purl 2, YO K2TOG*, rep around from *

Rib another 3 rounds and then cast off in pattern leaving the last loop ready for your crochet hook.
Using the last cast off loop crochet a chain (this will be a carry handle) to desired length and then connect it back to the cast off edge about an inch from the start of the chain.
Weave in ends.
An I cord or a ribbon can be threaded through your eyelet holes giving your bag a drawstring closure.

 Enjoy...any questions please leave a comment :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November things


Another dolly set with a cute kitty button!
A crocheted scarf/neckwarmer for a Christmas gift...

And a pair of warm slippers for a Christmas gift....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flowers and a free pattern

Today it was sooooooo hot so instead of knitting I sat and made crocheted flowers :)
I made each one up as I went along, previous crochet experience and knowledge helped muchly here........

The white one turned into a beautiful medallion so I wrote down the pattern as I created so I could share it with you..........


Chain 6 and join into a ring with a slip stitch
12 single crochet into the middle of the ring and then slip stitch to first single crochet
2 single crochet into each stitch around and again join with a slip stitch to first single crochet (24sts)
*Chain 11, skip a stitch and single crochet into the next stitch* repeat all around and slip stitching into the bottom of the first chain.
Slip stitch your way up the side of the chain until the top of the 11ch loop, single crochet into the top of the chain loop, *chain 5, single crochet into the top of the next chain loop*, repeat around * and then slip stitch into first single crochet.
*Single crochet into middle of 5 chain loop 6 times*, repeat around * and then join with a slip stitch to start.
Finish off.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet lilac

This is a cornflower!

A super cute beret for a secret swap! Made in 100purewool it is delightfully soft and the colorway definitely makes it onto my favorites list!In some lights it looks almost baby blue and in others beautiful shades of lilac appear......

This the the beret pre-blocking....

Wet blocked and stretched over a dinner plate....
All done! Sits so much better now.

And a pic of the underside after blocking.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty clothes for a dolly

There is a little magic in knitting dolly clothes don't you think.....
They work up so quickly (now that's always pleasing magic isn't it *giggle) and you just know that the little girl who receives them will take much delight in dressing her dolls in the finest of clothes even if it is just to take her special friend on a morning walk which involves a mud puddle.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dandelion tea and knitting..

I knit with visions of open fields, sunshine, a warm breeze, fluttering flowery skirts and wishes scattered on the wind.......Dandelion tea neckwarmer.
The pattern I used is 'Green tea' and the yarn is a Mosaic moon colorway called 'Dandelion'.
The simple cables were a joy to knit - simple yet the perfect squishy texture.
Gift wrapped with some dried dandelion tea it will be the perfect gift for a friend.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lure me into your shadow and kiss me.....

For all things 'Twilight' I created it this piece filled my head with love, longing, vampires and of course Rob hehe ............this is a shrug for a friend (we traded my needles for her handmade buttons). Knitted across in one piece it's then seamed along the arms and the cuffs and edging are then crocheted. I adore my crochet lace and it was a pleasure to work................

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mariposa de primavera...

Spanish for 'spring butterfly ......A perfect name for a gorgeous knit and the burst of spring flowers. I made it newborn size from THIS pattern although I added quite a few of my own modifications:
Joined in round after buttons, eyelet round between two purl rounds, continued garter down front.
- Yarn held doubled throughout.
Now I just need to find a little miss to put it on.......

Monday, September 12, 2011

A gift of healing and a warm huggybuggy...

Sometimes my needles are called to a special task - this was one of those times.........Actually no, this time it was a bit different because my hands were urged to cast on long before I knew the final destination of the item I was creating, almost 3/4 of the way thru the pattern the intended recipient popped into my head.....It was a  seamless match - a special friend in need of a reminder that the universe cares, that there is comfort to be found through the hard times. 

The yarn was a special ball I had sitting in my stash for quite a while waiting for the right project - it's also quite amazing that the colors represented so much of the intention:
Green which symbolizes healing, growth, harmony and balance and pink which symbolizes caring, tenderness, self-worth, acceptance and universal love.

911 - souls lost and a promise of a new dawn.....

Today I clutch my children tighter...... I want to hold them closer for all the mothers who have lost theirs amongst the devastation of the 9/11 attacks and the ten years that have followed. 
I've watched the list of souls taken grow longer and I can't help but connect to the pain and suffering that has defined the hearts of so many mothers...the American mother, the Iraqi mother, the afghan mother, the mothers of the soldiers, the mothers who lost because it was wrong and the mothers who lost because it was right. 
There can be no prejudice because every soul gone was a precious gift to a mother and whether they fought for good or they followed bad a mother mourns their loss and adds another date to the worlds memory..............
Today on the tenth anniversary I pray that each soul is at peace, that the pain felt from each loss is a little more distant and that our world truly does start to herald a new dawn.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

'May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day'


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Copper patina

LOVE: the yarn - Mosaic moon gaia organic merino, colorway 'Copper Patina'
LOVE: the pattern - Non stop top (My mods were to upsize the yarn and needle sizes)
LOVE: my boy - he's adorable in my knits and he loves wearing them too

Really pleased with this knit and with the ribbing it will definitely last a couple of seasons.
Couldn't help overloading on the pics, Israel was being very cute today and he loves photo time...hehe

Now it's off to circle the WIP tree and hang a few more projects on it's branches...........

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chill out

A bit of fun off the needles for an amigurumi swap I am in....My hubby made the cappuccino, he makes me them everyday on my coffee machine and is becoming quite the expert <3
It was a delicious treat straight after I finished the knit too...........

Project tally to date 2011: 60

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grassy playground for spring

Cast off the last bit of sleeve ribbing this morning and  I am impressed with what came about from THIS gorgeous just sailed along perfectly. I made my own mods to the neckline and edgings....This was mainly because I wanted a tighter finish considering it was going to be worn on a toddler and he tends to pull at his clothes. All mod info can be found on my ravelry project page.
I'm such a fan of Elena's patterns - they are simple, clear and always work up brilliantly!!!

And just in time for Spring....look at that sunshine Mommy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Warmth and gifts for Japan

Recently I came across this little website and could not help but smile and pitch in....I filled in the form and registered to let them know I would love to whip up some warm gifts for those in Japan affected by the recent disasters they're country has endured.
The project is called scarves for Japan but you are welcome to send any handmade warm items including beanies, mittens etc...they will be going into winter soon and every item counts.
I also love that they encourage you to include a note or card for the intended recipient - a very personal touch that they know will brighten someones day :)

Knit in yummy malabrigo and a cotton blend this is a child size hat

Knit in a gorgeous wool/cashmere/silk blend this one is adult sized

Here is the link again just in case you want to take a peek and join me and many others around the world in using your needles or hook to knit strength, love and hope for the living souls of Japan <3

Monday, August 15, 2011


Cos I am...*giggle*
Actually that is the name of this pattern - pretty cool slouchy hat don't ya think? I tested this for the designer. I used a gorgeous cotton which I think gave a more solid, cooler hat.....should be great for the springtime mornings when it's still a bit chilly.
And at only 115g it's a great stash buster too

my son was the model so being an adult size hat it's huge on him....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Winter crochet - blankets

My favorite of the two is the soft muted tones of the first one - it's just a simple continual granny square that seems to capture everything that matches babies with handmade.I made this in 'Caressa' a wool, mohair, acrylic blend - hard on my hands as I'm allergic to mohair but the itch was worth the final result.
Lay a babe on this blanket and it seems to whisper 'Sleep baby sleep, I'm here'

This blanket is a glossy cotton blend (I can't remember the exact yarn I used) it has gorgeous stitch definition of the shells but I wouldn't recommend using an 8ply yarn with high cotton cotent in a blanket as it did made the finished item quite a heavy piece. Nonetheless it turned out a beautiful FO.

better pic to come...

Friday, August 12, 2011

"All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish the light of a small candle."
— St. Francis of Assisi


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ta -Da..

Tsk tsk.....where has my blogging mojo gone? Nowhere *giggle* here I am :)
Where has the year gone...I look around and the sun is warming up, the birds are starting to get active, the grass is starting to grow with vigor again....Soon it will be spring and then summer. I'm starting to feel hot and bothered already LOL
Been longing to share my first photo for quite a few days now but it was a gift and had to travel thru the postal service first otherwise it would ruin the surprise....Isn't it darling?
A natural cotton onesie shirt with three neck buttons. The cotton has pale green flecks thru the natural so the soft green buttons set it off nicely in real life :)
The nappy is a cute cloth nappy from Whizz of my fav nappy makers!!!

And this is a simple 2x rib hat - made another for my Dad since he loved the last one I knitted him :)
Quite a boring but soothing knit. My tiniest man squealed with delight when I popped it on him - he loves photos