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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ta -Da..

Tsk tsk.....where has my blogging mojo gone? Nowhere *giggle* here I am :)
Where has the year gone...I look around and the sun is warming up, the birds are starting to get active, the grass is starting to grow with vigor again....Soon it will be spring and then summer. I'm starting to feel hot and bothered already LOL
Been longing to share my first photo for quite a few days now but it was a gift and had to travel thru the postal service first otherwise it would ruin the surprise....Isn't it darling?
A natural cotton onesie shirt with three neck buttons. The cotton has pale green flecks thru the natural so the soft green buttons set it off nicely in real life :)
The nappy is a cute cloth nappy from Whizz of my fav nappy makers!!!

And this is a simple 2x rib hat - made another for my Dad since he loved the last one I knitted him :)
Quite a boring but soothing knit. My tiniest man squealed with delight when I popped it on him - he loves photos 



Noelle said...

He is just soooo cute!

Kristie said...

hehe I know...