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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yellow - like kisses from the sun....

It's the middle of summer here in Australia so I thought I'd share some yellow from our garden.

It's amazing what a big bright flower can add to your day.

Such joy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A baby mouse and a glass of red.

My crocheting hook has been calling me so the other day I made up this cute little fellow out of my cotton scraps.....'Baby mouse' stand about 25cm tall. He will be joining a few others as I re-stock my handmade shop.

And this one is my first knit of the year for myself.....I am very happy with the fabulous pattern and how it turned out. I might even make another one.
The pattern is 'meursault' and I made mine in a delisious semi solid by Family Roots. Their willow merino is one of my fav yarns.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In our house.......

.....we're expecting another baby!!!!!
Took me a while to get to writing a blog post, Christmas and the holidays have just whipped away all my spare time!
Anyway it's all so exciting to find out I'm pregnant with number 6. He or She is due 10th July and we are sailing along now that the first trimester has passed and taken with it most of the morning sickness!
Just last week I finished it's first newborn knit, a cloth nappy cover, I'll be doing it up with a snappi nappi, I adore green and calling it my 'little tree' I embellished a tree on one side :)

Happy New Year everyone and may you all be blessed <3