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Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Pinkle Bag' pattern

Pinkle Bag

This project involves both crochet (at the start) and then knitting. It is a simple project that can be customized to be bigger or smaller as you wish.

Size 4.00mm hook
Size 4.00mm circular needles
8ply/DK yarn............I used a wool/soy mix

TERMS ....(US)
Crochet -
SC.....single crochet

Knitting -
KFB......knit into the front and back of a stitch to increase
YO....yarn over
K2TOG.....knit two stitches together to decrease

Crochet part - the bottom of your bag
Starting at center bottom
CH 3, join with SL ST to make a ring and do 6 SC into the ring....alternatively you can magic loop this part.
2- 2SC in each stitch around
3- 1 SC in next stitch, 2 SC in next, REP around
4- 1 SC in next two stitches, 2 SC in next, REP around

Keep increasing the amount of SC stitches around by adding 1 more to each set before the INC of 2 SC in a stitch until you have a circle the size you want (keep in mind if the circle is small you may need to use the magic loop knitting method to knit in the round)

Knitting - picking up stitches
Once your circle is the desired size take out your hook and instead insert your knitting needle into the loop and then start picking up stitches (one stitch for each single crochet stitch) all around the circle until you come back to the start, place a marker to indicate start of round.

Knit another round.

Increase round.....
KFB into first stitch, *knit 6 stitches, KFB ...rep from * all the way around

Knit as many rounds as you would like (this is the depth of your bag)...I knit for about 23 more rounds for my medium size bag.

Ribbing rounds....this forms the top edge of your bag.
Knit 2, Purl 2 around.....if you end up with one stitch left over just knit or purl it with the stitch before.
It also doesn't matter if you end on a knit pair either as the double knit two ribs can become your ribbon tie point.
Rep rib rounds another 2 times.
Eyelet row for your ribbon
Knit 2, *purl 2, YO K2TOG*, rep around from *

Rib another 3 rounds and then cast off in pattern leaving the last loop ready for your crochet hook.
Using the last cast off loop crochet a chain (this will be a carry handle) to desired length and then connect it back to the cast off edge about an inch from the start of the chain.
Weave in ends.
An I cord or a ribbon can be threaded through your eyelet holes giving your bag a drawstring closure.

 Enjoy...any questions please leave a comment :)

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