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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Relegated to a corner....

This is my workspace, can you tell I'm relegated to a corner LOL.....I suppose I could have a bigger area if I wanted but it's more convenient with small kids to be in  their area, with my boys supervision is a must!
I do have more yarn stashed in bags elsewhere but I've been working on 'caking' up all my skeins of yarn so they're smaller and more space efficient!

On another note is was a sad LYS had no skin color cotton yarn in stock :( 
I've been hunting everywhere but it is ridiculously hard to find 4ply cotton or even cotton blends in light beiges, tans etc
What is a doll maker to do????????

Here is my latest creation, I'd been itching to get into that cake of Blue faced Leicester yarn! 
Little alien - Star is waiting for a new home now :)

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Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Little alien is pretty sweet. My corner is a lot messier than your corner :D Thanks for popping into the blog and leaving a message.