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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rain and soft things and a dog...

It's been rainy here for the last few days, not a bad thing as I love listening to the rain falling on the roof and even better that it was a weekend with nowhere for me to be or run to....I sat on my comfy couch and crocheted with a delightfully soft, squishy yarn called WOOLganic it's an organic merino and the shade I was working with was aptly named 'raindrops'....totally perfect!
I made up a gorgeous cocoon and a wee matching hat...pattern I used here ...Sandy's patterns are so easy to follow. I can't wait to post it to it's home this week :)

Well where's the dog?  That is what I was saying this morning as I trimmed my lil maltese 'Phoebe', a tiny dog with far too much hair LOL
I'm also sitting here at my side table with a dogs head staring at me, that's a little bit creepy haha I best get on with making the body!!!

I am also thinking up another giveaway ;)

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