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Friday, January 28, 2011

A huge plateful with a side serve of yarn

Been a lot on my plate lately, actually it's probably more of a bowl full - a soupy mix of emotions. As usual though my craft is here to comfort and calm me.....Made a set of prayer beads (these ones are for someone special, a little gift of strength)

Such pretty clear glass, metal spacers and a hematite cross.

This is a custom for a pokemon champion - his fav pokemon is 'Shuckle' so looking at pics I made him up his very own amigurumi one, I actually managed to write down half the pattern but that's as far as I got LOL

And then there is a woolly purchase....3 skeins of a gorgeous merino, colorway 'Magpie' by Dashing Dachs.
Totally divine and I have earmarked it for a knitting project :)


Clara said...

Beads are very special and the little pokemon turtle is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Everything you do is just so beautiful. Love the beads, so special. The turtle just rocks he is cool!