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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And here I am...

My first post for 2011.
I've been busy.
Time is moving far too fast for my liking right now.
I would love a day to just sit under a blossoming apple tree with a sweet warm breeze blowing and a cold beverage in my hand (preferably alcoholic hehe), soft grass - it's a nice picture isn't it but alas my picture would probably look more like this....Standing up, hiding behind a tree trunk (that doesn't quite hide me)  clutching an almost empty glass of warm cordial listening to the shouts 'Mom, Mom' where are you' while an ant crept up my arm and bit me.
Ah lets be thankful that the word 'BLISS' is so apt to poetic adaptions :)

See my shawl in the post below? It's on it's way this week to a beautiful lady who I've never met in person but her light touches me all the same. I hope it brings her comfort and a sense of good things for 2011. It's a surprise!!

Here is a cute lil top I whipped up so an expectant mommy.....
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pics of the gorgeous dress in purple I've made


Anonymous said...

What beautiful top!
She will be very pleased.
That is sooo nice.

Is it your own pattern or did it come from somewhere? I would really like to make one for a friend of mine.


Kristie said...

Hi Janey,
The pattern can be found here

I changed the shells in the body to 'V' stitches to make mine.