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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're soggy but we're fundraising....

If you haven't already seen on your news station Qld Australia is experiencing massive flooding, our state has been inundated with water leaving many people homeless and in great need.
I live in one of the towns that experienced dramatic flooding - many houses were simply 'full' of water, my family and house were okay, for this I am most thankful, but we have had family members cut off and now even though the waters are receding we are facing shortages of food etc due to the flooding moving down the state closing highways, roads and towns as it goes.
Our capital city, Brisbane, is a is with a heavy heart and disbelief that I pray for the people who are going through so much :(
There is a massive flood relief appeal underway and the handmade community has stepped up to donate many gorgeous goodies with all money going towards those who need it most.
See here for one site offering auctions POSSUM POUCHES
I have donated a ballerina dolly to be auctioned....please do check out the auctions.
Or else please feel free to donate directly


Zyatica said...

So glad to hear of someone in the areas who hasnt been too devsatated by the floods. Its horrific to sit here and watch from the comfort of my home down south.
I have been so amazed at the crafty people out there who are donating to auctions, I am currently trying to find a place to donate some of my pieces.


Kristie said...

It's definitely been a heartbreaking time.
Possum pouches is a charity auction site if you contact Robyn she'd be more than happy to put up your pieces :)