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Friday, August 20, 2010

Going 'LIVE' recent craft projects!

Been busy working on some new ideas for mobiles/hanging decorations....Owls with flowers and stars and I will be working on some more dolphins today as well as a colorful fish mobile. I got the most gorgeous blue pearly shell beads today and they will be perfect for 'under the sea'.
I've also made up some bears - my all time fav animal - I really admire a grizzly bears strength and the mothering the females do.
My son has also requested 'trains' on a mobile so they may be in the works very soon.

Other news....I am busy doing a pink ribbon (Breast cancer awareness) scarf for Murisaki Mama's event raising money for the cause - I am doing it in white and pink cotton in filet far it looks really delicate!


Clara said...

What a great blog with so many ideas.
I'm now a follower and will add you to my list. Everyone must see your work.

Kristie said...

thanx so much hon :)