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Monday, August 30, 2010

Flower Bookmark - free pattern

Made this one up today (purple flower in middle) and thought I'd share :)

Gauge and yarn type etc aren't really important so use what you feel comfortable with....I used a 4 ply cotton and a 1.75mm hook.
Standard American terms
(not great pics but they should help)

Starting with first flower
CH 2 and them make 10 DC into second ch from hook join with SL ST to first DC
*Ch 5 skip 1 DC and SC into next DC* (one loop made), repeat around another 4 you have 5 petals, SL ST into the first 5ch space.

Work 5 SC into loop, work 5 SC into next loop and rep til you finish all petals then SL ST into space in between first and last petal.
CH desired amount (how long you want your finished bookmark to be) and then add 2 ch
Start of second flower
Work 10 DC into second ch from hook and then cont to make flower as per instructions for the first flower.

When flower is complete and you have sl st into the space between your last and first petal turn flower over so you are looking at the back of the flower - roll off a god amount of yarn off your ball (enough to SC down the length of your chain in between the flowers) and cut. Pull up the loop as if to finish and secure should have one long length of yarn attached to the last flower.

Using a needle darn in the length of thread (hiding it) across the back of the flower until you reach the start of the CH that connects the two flowers... I attached a different color thread so you could see it more easily

using your hook pull up a loop in the first ch

and then proceed to SC in each ch along your length til you reach first flower

SL ST to first ch and finish off by hiding thread end in this flower.

Enjoy :)
Any questions I'd be happy to help!

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