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Monday, January 25, 2010

Wild baby ducklings

  Background from yesterday
Coming home on the highway tonight after getting the kids I saw this bunch of tiny baby ducklings on the edge of the highway and whats worse I spotted their dead mother squished in the middle.
 I made DH stop, he wasn't too happy about it, and go back so I could grab the ducklings so they didn't get squished too (I'm an animal lover and just couldn't bare leaving them)
Got them all a good way off the road and down the embankment but trying to grab them some ran into some really long grass and a fence - I could only grab two of them! I tried hard to coax them out and get thru but unless I wanted to be eaten by a snake there was no way I could reach them.... I feel bad but at least they are far from the road and I could save two!
So now I have two wild duck babies.......They are so cute!
They survived the night just fine and are eating and drinking pretty good. The kids are just enthralled with them and I must say its lucky we have a huge backyard! Obviously I won't be able to keep them so I am going to raise them til they are fully feathered etc and then send them out to live on a farm.

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Almost Precious said...

Oh they are so precious. Glad that you stopped and rescued them, no telling what could have happened. They could have gotten run over or an animal, like a cat or dog, could have gotten them. I hope they do well and grow up to be healthy big ducks. :)
Saw your blog posted on the etsy forums threads about blogging. I'm now a new follower of yours. Lovely blog you have.