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Monday, January 4, 2010

My item list for 2010

Well I have a list of things I need for 2010 but putting them on paper is just ridiculous as I always lose it or the kids take it and draw on it LOL
Since majorly decluttering our house we are not buying anything that we don't need and 'NEED' in a big way........As our pledge to saving the planet we are going to consume less. And as our pledge to our wallets, lol, we are going to cut costs wherever we can.

So my list is (Of course it will be updated as I go)

Soft comfy rocking chair - for our bedroom so I can breast feed in comfort
New spare tyre - for car
Cane basket cabinet for towel storage in the hall
Laptop - upgrade as our laptop is 5 or so years old
Cot mattress
Outdoor play equipment - promised for Christmas but couldn't find the sets we wanted
Large outdoor picnic table with attached benches - necessary for our cleaning sanity

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