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Friday, January 8, 2010

Being thrify and scoring a bargain is all about compromise!

I like a good bargain....I can proudly say I never pay full price for anything and although it does take longer and more effort to hunt around its worth it to save those dollars.
One of my tips is a single word that needs to be in any thrifty shoppers vocabulary - 'Compromise'
All projects start with a vision, a vision that usually turns into something more like an obsession (well it does for me) LOL ....One of the things in my vision for my bedroom was a thick fluffy mink throw in a dark, royal shade of purple that would rest across my gliding rocker but do you think I could find one for a decent, thrifty price? Well yes if I thought that $50 or over was a decent thrifty price...hell no and so I kept looking around.
Yesterday I went to spotlight and found they had throw rugs for 50% that's a bargain and so I practically ran down to the section with my vision flapping wildly behind me. Soft gorgeous throw rugs enthralled my fingers as I desperatly hunted for a purple color amid the shelves. I found one - gorgeous and spotty and it was purple but not a rich dark purple a lilac purple...lilac just won't work and it was a bit thinner than I wanted :(
Disappointed, yes but could my mind resist the massive savings - NO so I started looking at prices and found this thick, fluffy, super soft throw rug that was $40 reduced to $20....everything I wanted except that it was a rich, dark watermelon color. Such a bargain..........................and so I bought it, after all it would look great in the lounge room on the couch!
Coming home I felt good cos i got a great bargain yet my vision was halted once again.
And that's where the word 'Compromise' comes in....flinging it on the bed I realized it looked beautiful in the room and matched in just as good as a purple one would have!!!
And so my room is starting to come together, one piece of my vision has been altered but in a way that allowed me to keep money in my pocket and that was my main thread within my vision :)


Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Kristie said...

Thank you ...A very happy new year to you too :x