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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And I'm almost finished and ready to go!

I just have a few more pads to sew up today and then I'm ready to go....finally! Feels like I've been sewing non stop for ages, lol.
I have quite a bit of new fabric coming so I guess that will probably inspire me to make up some more throughout the month but other than that I will be taking a few weeks break to sew up some nappies instead. So far 'Platinum Panties' will have over 30 pads being listed on the first and my other two stores at the cloth pad shop will have the same combined between the two! I'm especially thrilled with my new oriental spring has made some gorgeous looking pads let me tell you!

I also found some fantastic mermaid fabric which has also been made into pads!
And so I'm off to sew up a storm..............

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