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Saturday, July 5, 2008

5th June

My sewing machine is back.......yay finally after a month wait! It was fixed and serviced and the fault was a seized motor ???? strange since I only had it 3 weeks but well its all better now :)
And the difference between it and the loan machine.....mine is sooooo quiet and I feel more in control of the needle!
I have still been busy, I have alot of new pads listed at the CPS and am also going to have another stocking of 'Platinum Panties' as well within the next few days.
I went on my huge shopping spree that I won at spotlight and basically bought $200 of fabric, well I did buy a few towels and some cute toys for bubba but mainly fabric! I couldn't resist all the lovely prints! It is all going to come in handy as I will be opening up an etsy store soon and will need a fair bit of stock to list.
Anyhow I'm busy as usual so off I go......................

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