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Monday, May 12, 2008

'Platinum Panties' are here!

And so begins my trip into the cloth pad kingdom.........
Wow, since discovering these a little while ago thru other sites and giving some a go I must say that I have never felt a more comfortable alternative to those dreadful plastic store bought menstrual products!!!!
Better for the environment and better for our health, cloth is the way to go!
I perfected my comfortable pattern template and sewed some up. So far I've made wing less panty liners (perfect for everyday freshness or light days) and will be finishing up my version of winged ones as soon as I get off the computer today, lol! Then I plan to make up some regular ones but alas I've ran out of hemp fleece so I'll have to wait til my order arrives in the post!
In stock on my website and I will also be putting some in my ozebaby store soon!
Join the revolution dont know what your missing!

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