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Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming Soon................

I am currently in the process of designing........Yes, I know I'm always designing, lol.
  • I am bringing out a new panty liner, same trim design but a little longer for the women that prefer a more protective length
  • My regular pads for regular days will be made up this week, just waiting on my fabric shipment!
  • And also on the drawing board, quite literally, is full wing patterned pads that are a little more protective of the sides for leaks for those who prefer that.

I'm really excited to be going into this market and am looking to supply as many options as I can to suit all tastes.
Going thru the trials of my trim liners I'm really happy with how there is no extra bulk under the crotch area, something that is my preference when choosing a liner for freshness days, especially since I dont want to change my clothing style!This afternoon I whipped up a green pad with corduroy backing and the music notes one.....they turned out well with that choice of backing and quite thick!

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