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Sunday, May 25, 2008

More website business!!!!!!!

So upon thinking about all of the items I'm involved in stocking we decided to put it all together under one name......kind of like a central page for all my outlets!
And so is born 'Platinum Angelz'.
At this central page you can access 'Platinum Babies' which stocks all of my baby and toddler items, 'Platinum Panties' which stocks my designer range of cloth menstrual pads, my 'Ozebaby' store which stocks a little of everything and my store at the 'Cloth Pad Shop' which stocks more of my cloth pads!
The platinum panties website is still under construction but everything is really starting to come together!

P.S For the next 5 customers purchasing at 'Platinum Babies' we are offering FREE POSTAGE as part of our special promotion :)

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