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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Diamond G liner!

Today was a good day for designing!
Sitting at the kitchen table with a g-string in hand, glad we didn't have a surprise visitor considering it was mine, lol, we came up with a small liner pattern for a G! Not really for absorbency, more for everyday freshness, as layers in the middle make it, IMO, too bulky which in turn doesn't make it sit quite as well.
I'm hoping to have them in stock on my website and the cloth pad shop soon.
I am a little behind at the moment as my fussiness has lead me to discard a few pads as they weren't quite right, but I am going to hit the machine as soon as bubby is asleep and see if I cant whip up a few!
I have been looking at snaps options for closures and I think pretty soon I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a proper machine! An expensive outlay but probably worth it in the end as I'm sure quite a few people would prefer snaps to velcro.
And so all that's left to say is.......what a dreadfully windy day!

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