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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knitting spiders and snakes

I have no idea what possessed me but when I saw the pattern searching for something else I just knew I had to cast it on straightaway, even the yarn jumped out of my stash with no hesitation ….and so here I am.
Hell I don’t even like big spiders.
Before blocking
.I’m so happy with myself I have learnt so much doing this piece * big grin *  I did tend to knit this during my tv time so there are a few mistakes LOL but nothing that took away from the piece so I left them.

All blocked out
 This is a row by row pattern [phobia cowl] with everything explained and color coded - nothing to say but perfect and very enjoyable....


Zoobeedoobee said...

I don't even like them but what an awesome work none the less. Some one will love it and when its all tucked up no one will ever know lol.

Just-in said...

They're great! I especially like how the spiders turned out.