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Monday, June 20, 2011

A guilty pleasure

A little country wools  posed a question on their blog in the form of a giveaway -
Do you have a guilty pleasure? Some project that’s a little embarrassing (either because it took no effort whatsoever or because the colour is kinda hideous or the pooling stinks — you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout), but YOU LOVE IT?
I didn't have to think about this long - I do have a guilty pleasure, plus who doesn't want a chance to win a scrummy skein of Malabrigo seriously... Yep they're boobs! Charming boobs to be precise *giggle*

As my lovely blog readers would already know I originally started making these for a 'pink ribbon' breast cancer fundraiser - they went like hotcakes which was fantastic for the cause BUT I've since made heaps more over the past year for absolutely no reason at all...I love making boobs - they are feminine, my fav color and I love the round shape AND the fact that no two come out alike (just like the real things).
In fact I have one of my guilty pleasures hanging off my knitting bag *giggles*

And just in case you want to indulge yourself  HERE is the pattern


Noelle said...


Zoobeedoobee said...

Way too cute!

Sweetp said...

oh these are seriously awesome. my mum had bc last year - great fun way to raise awareness. well done.