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Thursday, May 19, 2011

lettuce and knitting

My husband and I are having a bit of friendly competition - we bought a punnet of lettuce seedlings the other day and I planted some up for my windowsill....which my husband promptly informed me wouldn't grow as well.
Hmm..............The challenge was on...

These are my lettuce - growing indoors on a sunny windowsill
This is my husbands lettuce (notice the straggly one beside the first pot lol)

Yes well...he took the photo of his lettuce so I think he must of zoomed in LOL
Nope slow and steady will win the race after all my lettuce is curly and pretty *big grin*

And some knitting - I'm testing a pair of arm warmers (actually making them for me too)...I think I've really mastered magic loop knitting.


Just-in said...

Good luck with the competition! Your lettuce looks very nice already!

I browsed through the blog and I must say I love the dresses you make.

Plus, your kids are adorable and they make fantastic "models":)

Sue said...

I want to learn the magic loop method for socks...I have a lady in my knit group who is suppose to show me....

good luck in your competition..

Kristie said...

thanx so much Just-in xxx

Sue - magic loop really is so easy to do just make sure you pull your first and second stitch at the join a bit tighter to prevent a ladder :)