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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lemon marmalade by me

I am more than pleased with myself today - it had been three days in the making and today it's completed......yummy 'Meyer' lemon marmalade :)
I used the recipe from here
I've been told making it over the three days was the 'long' way to go but with 5 kiddies being able to make my jam gradually made it easy to fit in and a lot less stressful.
The lemons came from my in-laws laden tree - I'd seen it fruit before but it just never occurred to me to use the lemons for anything besides putting on fish, it's a good thing though because they are just such tasty lemons (not as tarty, screw your face up type lemons) actually quite sweet.

My notes for the recipe:
7 lemons made three good size jars (about 900g of boiled down lemons)
Added about 50% of fruit weight in sugar this will go perfect on warm scones with butter..............................

And of course I have been crafting....I've since finished this glove but will take a pic once I finish the other glove. I adore this colorway 'Once Bitten' by Lollytree yarn


Nadine said...

that marmalade looks delicious K, and I love that colourway too, can't wait to see what you make with it :)

Zoobeedoobee said...

well done on the marmalade :)

(((((( zizo's crochet ))))))) said...

it seems so much delicious,i did astrawberry marmalade last week,it was delicious too. i do also tomatto jam and the recipe from my mami's kitchin.