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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amongst life I created...

A bit tired this week
A bit overwhelmed 
A bit excited
A bit stressed
A bit raw.......
A bit lacking
A bit stuck
A bit rueful

This is my first finished knit of the year...It's an Eden's Adam 
Another project on circulars in the round - I learn a lot making this: construction techniques, new ways to do things and then at the end I got some fabulous mindless plain knitting with which I could sit and ponder how good I was going and that it didn't take me long at all ;)
Size 4 and it fits my size four son perfectly.....
But then Daddy looked at it finished and said 'the neckline is too girly for a boy'  Hmm.......
I didn't feel so good then...even though the item is finished and looks fabulous the spark is somewhat gone LOL

And so to cover my woes I searched for an immediate gratifying
knit and found this fabulous hat pattern on ravelry
Made for and modeled by my biggest boy Gabriel....I think he loves it although afterwards 
I spied it lying on his bedroom floor, typical boy LOL
Gotta love my boys though - they always watch my hands with interest, they love looking at yarn
and heaven help if I'm using a gradient yarn because all I hear is 'Go faster Mom,
Gotta get to the next color, come on Mom'  Giggle

And this is my entry in the nappycino 'blank canvas' competition

I won 5th prize which is cool and I donated my entry as a prize too!
Can't wait to send it off to it's new owner and winner :)

And now I really have no idea what to make next - I have Wip's to finish sigh
But they don't come up to me and grab my hand demanding to be finished - maybe they should.
I have a body done - I haven't decided if it's a doll or a teddy yet....

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