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Thursday, June 4, 2009

And what have I been up to????

Well not sewing :(
We moved house a while ago and it has been a long process trying to get everything into its place...I still have a spare room filled with boxes and just general crap really. We have also signed the messy house pledge on
'From this day forward, I commit to myself, my home
and my family to a clutter-free and organized life'.
It is amazing how much stuff we have yet don't use or even intend to use, I got the shock of my life trying to pack up our home of many years, its just stuff.
So its time to move forward and clear out our life! So far we have donated 8 garbage bags and three boxes of stuff to goodwill and guess what I even went thru my fabric collection :P and cleared out all the pieces I haven't used in like years, lol

I also have to get a move on and list some more of my crocheted stuff on etsy considering it has been getting alot of views and a big sale.....I have so many cute dresses to list aswell as headbands and hats etc


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