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Friday, June 5, 2009

Platinum Angelz- Welcome

Finally getting this blog up and running as a place to share my numerous self designed patterns and my projects along the way as well as news about my store in stocks!

See my cloth pads at:




I just love to add new yarns of varying textures and types to my stash and always experiment with yarn in a pattern. My fabric stash is inspired by bright colours and cute pieces that are inspiring and unique!
All patterns on my blog have been designed by me straight from my pretty head, lol and I put emphasis on easy, simple patterns even a beginner can master but yet which produces a polished piece.



Eloise Matt said...

Hi Kristie,

There are a few pieces I really like, especially the blue and orange jacket, but alas I have no children hehe.

The cotton pads are something I had never even envisaged before, and I know what you mean about plastic...blah.

Daniel's cousin is going to have a baby in about 4 weeks I believe. I'am sure I can find something cute on your site ;)


Karen said...

Hey there, just passing by(:
I really admire your work, you're doing a great job!
I just feel that it's such a waste to throw away something so beautiful.
After all, the cloth pads can only be used once, can't they?/:
Anyway, you are truly talented.

Kristie said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your lovely praise!

The great thing about cloth pads is that they are machine washable so they can be used over and over again for many years making them a very environmentally friendly product.

And it is so much nicer to have a little beauty at that time o the month!

Karen said...

These are such a great idea! I bet they are so much more comfortable than the other choices! Nice blog!

LillyShayStyle said...

I love the colors in the fabrics you use!

superpao said...

hi there! thanks for your entry in my giveway... i wish i could open it to international too, but sometimes shipping is so high! =( convo me next time though if you ever want to get anything from my shop, and ill give you a discount on the candles! thanks again for lookin =)


Kristie said...

Hi lillyshaystyle....thankyou for your comment...its nice to know my fabric choices are to your liking..........

Hi Karen,
Thankyou for your comment I can definitely say they are way more comfortable than other choices :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

How cool! YOur blog post is from the future.....It says June 5, 2010! I am past the age when I could use cloth pads, but do think they are a really good idea!
Smiles, Karen

Kristie said...

Thanx Mrs Kwitty.....yer I wanted that post to stay on top of the blog as a greeting, lol
Thankyou for the feedback, cloth pads are definitely more comfortable :)

Katy said...

I'd love to try a cloth pad. I love your fabrics.

trudette, said...

These fabrics are awesome !

Christie Cottage said...

You have a great shop!