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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pad swaps/trades and my personal collection

as a cloth pad user myself i am always interested i trying new brands and types of pads so if you would like to do a swap, my pad for yours i am up for the trade.....i prefer pantyliners or light flow pads personally as these seem to get more use in my collection.......and on to my pad stash, have you ever wondered what other womens pad stashs look like, what prints they like, colors, themes......

my pad stash contains alot of different prints, i love flannel topped pads with cute animal designs, i just adore brightley colored pads and anything girly and feminine just sucks me right in......i know that i truly have more pads than i really need in one cycle but who can resist the lure of fabric and style. i have aio ones with a layer of pul for leak protection.....these i like to use on my heay flow days and for nights but i must say my favourite pads would have to be my fleece backed pads, i have never had a leak problem and find they are super soft and flexible to wear. my preference for pads is on the smaller side of the scale i find i dont really have a use for the bigger/longer pads.
pics coming soon of my stash
so that is a sneak peak ito my pad buying mind....leave a comment and let me know your preferences

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