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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My personal pad stash....

And as promised here are the pics of my personal pad a pad maker and seller I have been asked quite a few times now what my personal stash looks like....what inspires me and what do i like in a pad....I have only photographed bought pads, i also have a whole heap of pads that i have designed and made myself...... after all I really know my own body, but i didn't put them on here as i feel there is already quite alot of my samples throughout the blog ;)
I buy pads from alot of different makers but I do have a few favorites that work for me and so I usually buy more when i see designs i like..............this is not my entire stash as i think some are in the wash and I have some others on the way in the post.

These two pictures are of my regular flow pads.....I find them great for normal to heavy flow days!

The next two pictures are that of my pantyliner collection....I find these pads to suit my light to normal flow days!

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