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Sunday, June 29, 2008

5% off to make way for next theme!

I'm having a 5% off sale to make way for my next theme.......and that is BACK IN BLACK, pads in darker shades!
I was going to do a birds and butterflies theme but alas I was unable to locate enough fabric that I liked so it will have to wait another few weeks.
On a wonderful note I went to a quilters fabric market at spotlight the other night, it was really nice to spend some time without the children, made me feel like an adult, lol and guess who won the lucky door prize of $200 ***********ME. It is going to be such a boost for my fabric collection let me tell you! With all the people there I was shocked to win. WOW I'm still pinching myself!
I've also had a few customers coming in as well so the fates are definitely shining on me, praise them!
Oh by the way, I've also stocked 'Platinum Panties' with some great pads too!

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